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Glass partitions

 glass space dividers

Glass partitions glass space dividers

A glass partition is an interior wall structure composed primarily of glass or a glass alternative. This simple steel structure with pivoting panes of glass can create custom walls that can act as room dividers, glass wall systems, soundproofing systems, and more. The glass partition has become particularly popular in modern commercial design and is used in office cubicles, conference rooms and entrance areas. These glass walls also find their way into living culture as creative designs glass space dividers

What do we like about glass? It looks ethereal and light and lets light in. When we talk about separating space, glass does it gently, without looking too much. I have prepared a source of inspiration: a pack of glass room dividers in different styles and appearances. Let's look at them.

Framed glass partitions

Framed glass room dividers go with many styles of decoration: rustic, glamorous, modern, industrial and many others. The frames can be made of wood or metal, they can be done in black or white or any other color you like. The glass can be clear, opaque, frosted and any other of your choice. It is a great idea to separate a bedroom and bathroom or walk-in closet, kitchen and dining area, entryway and living room, and in many other cases.

Glass partitions

A framed glass room divider looks more modern and edgier, and it's a great idea if you want a seamless look. The glass can be clear, colored, opaque, frosted or otherwise - this depends on the degree of clarity desired. Colored glass can make a bold statement in the decor too, and if you've chosen clear glass, remember to get a curtain for more privacy.

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