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girls birthday balloon decorations

girls birthday balloon decorations

Balloons create a party atmosphere in a simple way. They’re affordable and come in all shapes and sizes so you can rock them for any party you want. Today I want to share some adult girl birthday party ideas and I hope you will enjoy them!

numbers and letters

Number and letter balloons are very popular for any birthday decoration: they announce your new age and help you take memorable pictures to better remember that day. You can make a garland of letter balloons to use for party decorations such as B. for dessert tables. And of course take photos with your age balloons, have fun!

Balloon arches

Balloon arches have become everyone’s obsession, and unsurprisingly, they look chic! They’re no worse than flower arches, but a lot cheaper! Such lush balloon arches can be hung over your dessert or dining table, over the entrance or anywhere you want. A cool look is guaranteed!

Other ideas

Ombre balloon backgrounds are great for any dessert table. Just to include pictures, flower and tassel balloons with sequins, they look so girly that they are exactly what you need for your B-day party! Donut balloons, pink, oversized metal balloons – go glamorous, it’s a girls party! Get inspired!

If you have simple walls there are a lot of ways to decorate them. You can make a statement wall, decorate it with cool wallpaper, paint, stencils, even fabric and wood. Hang floating shelves, artificial animal heads, wreaths, bunting, etc. Your imagination is the only limit here. Photos and photo art are another cool and popular idea to use to decorate a simple wall. You can use wall murals or print your own pictures and rock them.

Oversized photo art or background images will give your room a very eye-catching look. Just choose the photo art carefully as it creates a mood. Print your own photos inspired by vacations or cool parties, for example, and create a cool photo wall. Choose frames in one style - buy or make them - to put them all in one composition. Today I'm going to help you create your photo wall and create this simple canvas print. Cut a piece of smooth pressed plywood to the desired size for your wall hanging. Slightly crop the picture to match the slight curvature in the wood. Paint the perimeter and edges of the wood. Use rubber cement to glue your picture onto the wood. Use spray paint and hang the picture with a sawtooth picture holder. Voila, now repeat that with all the pictures you want!

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