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Get inspiration at bathroom.com

 closet wall storage ideas

Get inspiration at bathroom.com closet wall storage ideas

Bathroom design – natural, calm and light. More pictures >> closet wall storage ideas

Not everyone has a walk-in closet, but I'm sure you have at least a corner to store your clothes in. The smaller it is, the more effective storage and organization should be. Think about whether you want to organize wall storage properly to save maximum space in the closet. What are the ways?

Wall accessories storage

If you are a jewelry fanatic, there are various hangers, hangers, and hooks that you can use to hang your items on the walls. You can just add some hooks or make creative hangers and holders for them. There are plenty of home improvement on the internet. If you have enough space, build a built-in storage compartment with a mirrored door for convenient use.

Bags and purses wall storage

Bags and purses can easily be stored on open shelves. If you don't have enough space for it, you can place these racks over the door or over the wardrobe itself. You can also add some hooks or holders to hang the wallets on.

Shoe wall storage ideas

Built-in and open shelving are the most popular options for storing any type of shoe. Choose options that suit you best. If you have a lot of shoes, you can create an entire display wall with compartments for shoes. If there isn't much space, make wall mounts for heels that attach to them with heels. Boots can be hung with hangers and hooks.

Clothes wall storage

Clothing can be stored in built-in wardrobes or shelves, wall cabinets and wall-mounted dressers. Attach wall hooks, brackets and holders, and hang clothes on hangers for convenient and effective storage. You can make creative clothes racks and racks to match your interior. This way an entire makeshift wardrobe can be made. This is a hot trend now and you have all of your stuff on display.

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