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George Oliver Elysant 2 – Lightweight, dimmable black / gold armed wall lamp
accent walls to spruce up space

George Oliver Elysant 2 – Lightweight, dimmable black / gold armed wall lamp accent walls to spruce up space

George Oliver Are you looking for something special to spice up the master suite? Turn off your bedside lamp for this wall light on the wall above! It not only gives your ensemble a fashionable flair, but also creates space for accents and the essentials for the night. This ultra-modern piece of steel features a square back plate and straight arm in a matte black finish. accent walls to spruce up space

An accent wall is a bold piece of decor for any room, and a great idea to easily spice up any room. Such an option literally suits any style. You can accent a wall with anything you want - wallpaper, decals, paint, natural materials, or ultra-modern panels or tiles. If you want to choose your own option, I've prepared a few ideas to take a look at. Most of them are timeless, the most fashionable being shapes and wallpaper with accent walls, but these aren't the only options. Let's look at all of them!

Painted accent walls

The most popular idea for creating an accent wall is to paint, as it is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to go. You can go for a bold color to create contrast, try dark hues for a touch of drama, or use relaxing hues to make your space more inviting and larger for a break. Try stenciling your wall with geometry as it is very trendy right now. Go for color blocking - it's a great idea to make any piece of furniture or corner on this wall stand out.

Wallpaper / decals

Wallpaper or decals are another super cool idea for creating accent walls. Plus, wallpaper is a hot trend that makes such an accent wall even bolder. Choose wallpaper according to the colors and style of your home, but rock something bolder than the rest of the room - remember, this is an accent wall. There are tons of prints and patterns, various wallpapers with ombre and watercolor effects, and murals with photo walls that make an impression. Look out for floral wallpapers which are a timeless idea to rock.


Wood is a timeless material to rock, it will never go out of style and it won't cost you much, especially if you already have some scrap on hand. Any decor style will look great with a wood accent wall. Just choose a suitable option for it. If it's a coastal interior, think of a whitewashed and slightly worn accent wall. If it's a rustic room, go for a weathered wood accent wall. If you have a modern room, opt for sleek wooden panels in bold colors. A wood accent wall gives every room cosiness and warmth.

Stone brick

Brick accent walls were so popular that they became classics and they will never go out of style. Nothing adds texture and interest to your walls like brick. Bricks come in many shades, and you can paint them any way you want. They fit most spaces, from entryways to bedrooms, and bricks will go with almost any decorating style. Artificial or natural stone is also great for adding texture to the wall, but it doesn't look as tough as it is better for traditional, vintage, and shabby chic spaces.

to form

Shaping is a timeless idea that is currently trending: it is used not only in traditional or vintage interiors, but also in minimalist and many others. You can combine moldings of your choice with a light pattern and color that you like. Shaping is a great idea for literally any space from the living room to the dining area. It is usually not used in functional spaces such as bathrooms or kitchens. Add a touch of drama to your room!

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