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gender neutral nursery artworks

gender neutral nursery artworks

If you’re expecting two babies of different sexes, or just want to design a quiet and peaceful gender-neutral nursery, you need some cool artwork to complete the space. They shouldn’t be particularly bold pink or blue, they should go with your nursery theme and style, or maybe shades. Let’s look at some ideas.


To make the letter easier for your child to study, you can create alphabet wall art. The letters can be common or all different letters made from different materials, shapes and appearances, they may or may not be framed, and the colors are up to you. Such a thoughtful idea!


The simplest idea is to do some prints – you don’t need creativity, just choose what goes with your nursery decor. The most popular idea is animal prints, they are super cute! Various quotes, cards, pictures and other things are exactly what you need. Keep them in gender-neutral colors like mint, gray, yellow, turquoise, gold, and so on.

Other ideas

If you’re feeling creative, choose a cool painting with pictures and quotes that you like: animals, constellations, maps, stars and the sun, etc. – choose looks and colors that you like. Fabric or different images in embroidery frames can be very cool and eye-catching, and you can create a whole combination of them.

When having a party, think about all of the details to make it perfect. Drinking stirrers are one of the last things you will remember. We have a cool and super trendy idea: juicy stirrers. Prepare mini faux succulents from the craft store, gold paper straws, and scissors. Just cut 2-3 inches off the straws to make them a little shorter for cocktail glasses, or leave them for regular full size pint glasses. Then just slide the end of the fake succulent into the straw. Now the paper straws are of course only used once. When the party is over, just take the succulent out of the straw and toss the straw. Then put the succulent in a new straw for the next party.

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