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gallery wall ideas

gallery wall ideas

Simple walls are boring, and nothing should be boring in your home decor. There are several ways to decorate a layer: add open shelving, hang oversized wall art, use photo wallpaper, or paint it in bold colors for a statement. Another very popular idea is to decorate your wall with a gallery of pictures, photos, wall art, and whatever else you want to display.

Creating a gallery wall is a perfect idea for any type of space: a living room, bedroom, home office, kitchen, entrance, and so on. Big, small, or somewhere in between, creating a gallery of your favorite prints and artwork can instantly enhance the style of any room. There are many types of design of such a gallery: matching and mismatched frames, floating frames, no frames, vintage and modern frames, frames of the same and different sizes, but today we are going to take a closer look at the most popular and modern gallery wall of frames same Size.

Such a gallery is pretty easy to make. All you have to do is choose a frame type and buy as many as you want. Print out your pictures and choose the mat – do you want it or not? Will it be big or small? Black, White, or Another Color? Plan out your gallery and mark where the frames will hang. A frame gallery of the same size usually looks pretty good, and the frames are usually hung in straight rows for symmetry. The pictures or artwork may or may not stand out from the frames, or you can choose light-colored frames that are not eye-catching to highlight what’s inside.

Have children? Then you might have a ton of toys of all kinds around, including stuffed ones that are loved by both children and adults. How can you keep stuffed animals cool and bright to save space and still have convenient storage for children? Here are a few options!

Boxes and boxes

The easiest way to store stuffed toys is to paint a box or box and put it on wheels to make it mobile. I bet everyone has a box or box that easily turns into a convenient storage item. A more popular idea is to create a stuffed animal zoo out of PVC pipe and clothesline. You can also mix up two ideas and make a box of PVC pipes to give each toy a separate space.

Nets and bags

Making a bag is super easy: put the toys in a piece of fabric and tie the corners to the crib. If you want something neater, just sew a bag yourself. A net is another idea for toys: take a piece of net and attach it to the wall with hooks. Crochet? Crochet some toy hammocks and hang them up with some hooks. Such types of storage take up little space on your child's bed or in the corner of the room and are convenient to use.

Wall solutions

Wall solutions are the most popular because they don't take up any floor space. You can adapt almost anything to the wall: metal baskets, common baskets, drawers, PVC pipes, IKEA shelves and racks, planters, target baskets and boxes. Spray them to match the nursery decor and then simply attach them with hooks or screws. The good thing is that almost every project is DIY, and there are plenty of tutorials on the web so you can easily find a piece that suits you.

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