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galentine tablescapes

galentine tablescapes

Many girls celebrate Valentine’s Day with their gals, organizing brunches and lunches for fun – despite the fact that they don’t have a loved one. I’ve already shared some cute galentine party ideas, and today I want to continue with that – let’s check out some chic table landscapes for your brunch!

Pastel colors

Pastel colors are a great idea for Valentine’s Day decor, and of course, it’s mostly about shades of pink. Blush, light pink, dusty pink are exactly what you need for table decoration, and you can add elegance and glamor to the table landscape with gold-plated accents. Incorporate different shades of pink into the table decoration, try prints or create ombre looks. You can make some delicate pink flower centerpieces and add heart-folded pink napkins.

Bold colors

Have fun with bold colors! Pink, fuchsia, red and even purple are welcome to make the table landscape bold and inviting – ideal for brunch for girls. Add prints like stripes, polka dots, and chevrons to make the setting more noticeable. Go for bold, colorful flower centers in pink, red, fuchsia and other bold shades. Gold-plated accents and colorful plates are welcome!

String art is very popular and you can see more and more tutorials with hearts like this here and there. Today I offer a number of prank tricks that are suitable for Valentine's Day to come. Yes, most of them are hearts and I promise you will love them!

What can be more natural for Valentine's Day than XOXO letters? Make a cool string work of art with these letters! There are two large letters made of pink and red thread, although you can change the colors to suit your space. Looks cute and cute, great for valentine's day decoration.

This cute heart string art is special because there are 3 hearts! You can create an interesting ombre combination or go for very bold colors - it's up to you. Read the tutorial and make the artwork out of baker's twine - so easy and cute!

More hearts for Valentine's Day! The artwork is in red and the heart is shaped with thread, but in a non-traditional way: threads are just around the heart and it is left uncovered. The nails are in gold to refine the combination, but you can go with your own colors.

What I love about this heart artwork is that it is glamorous and glitzy. The piece is made of glitter yarn, and you can add some extra rhinestones too. The combination of red and gold is timeless, and gold glitter stands out strongly against a red background. Have fun creating!

This cool string work of art is made on a mint colored wooden board and looks very bold and cool with a textured red heart! Read how to do it and use it to decorate the room for the vacation - so cute and fun! I especially like the idea of ​​a mint backdrop, it's so refreshing.

Get some metal thread to make a cool modern piece of art work with a big heart. Metallic hues are very popular for home decor, and using metallic thread for decoration is a great idea. A bold red background and metallic gold make for a bold conversation starter!

This cute and little string character is for those who have already found a loved one. It's a sign with monograms and a heart. You can customize it to your liking, use any colors and try different sizes. Present it to your lover as a gift or decorate the room for your special dinner just for two - it will surely delight him or her!

This is a cool and bold piece of art with a contrasting look - there is a bold red heart on a piece of neutral plywood that looks very bold and interesting. This is a classic piece of thread art, pretty big, and it speaks for itself, though you can add a few words of string to it.

Surprise your beloved with a non-traditional work of art! This character includes some calligraphy and string art stars and moon - looks unusual and very cool. You can rock it in whatever colors you like or keep it neutral like in the source.

Here's another super cool string artwork, this is a chalkboard with the iconic words "Be Mine" made with pink thread. Looks rather funky and cute, can be used as a decoration or a gift or both. Get inspired and make one for your love!

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