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Full of joy

 simple baby shower games

Full of joy simple baby shower games

Baby SPRINKLE Decor / SPRINKLE with Game / 3D Clouds and rain drops rainbow Garland / Decorations for Baby Shower / DIY Nursery Mobile – These vertical garlands are SUPER cute for decoration !!! Perfect for your sprinkle baby showers !! This set comes with small raindrop hearts and 2 different sized clouds-they are easy and so perfect to use in a nursery after the baby shower! she simple baby shower games

Having fun is important at any party and a baby shower is no exception! Today I want to share some cool baby shower games to keep your guests busy and entertained. Print out the photos of your guests' children and hang them on a rope to guess where the baby is. Write the ABCs on paper and have your guests paint or draw objects that match each letter. Print out the names of celebrities and their children in two columns and let your guests match them. Print out a schedule for a baby and have your guests mark the point with candy. Look for more DIY games below!

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