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Full of joy
diy planter tables

Full of joy diy planter tables

Herbs – herbs diy planter tables

It's outdoor time! Are you looking for statement furniture and pieces for your outdoor areas? Or are you looking for ways to freshen up your home with growing greens and trendy succulents? I have a brilliant idea! Rock a plant table - a coffee or a dining table and your room will totally change.

Coffee / side tables

Coffee and side tables easily freshen up your interiors or give outdoor areas a pretty touch. You can renovate any coffee or end table you want with a planter in the middle and grow whatever you want. However, greens, succulents, and cacti are the best options.

Dining tables

A dining table with a planter is a bold statement for any outdoor area. The table can be clad in wood, concrete or stone or anything else you like. The planter can have a strip shape, a cross shape, or even frame the table however you like. In addition to growing greens or succulents, you can also grow edible herbs to eat right away with meals.

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Warwick Zach Godfrey is a farmer with a happy marriage. He also writes about plants on various blogs.

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