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Full of joy
diy egg shaped easter decorations

Full of joy diy egg shaped easter decorations

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Easter is getting closer! It is high time to take out all of your Easter decorations and come up with creative ways to decorate the eggs. Eggs are the symbol of this holiday and it is also a great idea to use as decor. Such decorations will scream Easter. Do you need some ideas to make them? Here you are!

Egg wall art

The first craft for today is a gorgeous button egg wall art in a frame. The piece is made on burlap, with blue buttons of different colors and in a frame. The wall art looks very rustic and cool, and the supplies are very budget friendly.

Geometry is a modern trend. So why not make a cool geometric Easter egg? This tutorial will teach you how to make an ombre orange to pink geometric Easter egg wall art that looks really cool and contemporary. Make one and give your space an edgy feel!

This wall art includes a frame and a couple of bunting with colorful wooden Easter eggs. The eggs are painted and provided with letters. Then just take a vintage frame of your choice and hang the bunting on the frame, if it doesn't have the look you want, sand and paint it however you like and voila!

If you want a colorful and rustic-inspired decor, this egg wall art is a great idea. These are cork coasters that are wrapped with brightly printed fabric and plastic-cut egg shape. The coasters are interconnected, and there are eggs on each coaster. Enjoy the bold look!

I'm head over heels over this Easter wall art! It is an egg-shaped wooden shape with a moss basket filled with eggs, flowers, greens, pussy willow and decorated with a burlap bow. Looks totally cool and brave! Find out how to make it and decorate your interior or exterior.

This is a kid friendly craft and they will be delighted to make it! This is a beautiful wall art made from a wooden egg frame adorned with colorful buttons. Your kids can attach them all or create an ombre look or whatever look they like. Have fun with them!

Here is another idea that can be enjoyed by both children and adults: This is a washi tape egg wall art. It is very easy to make colorful washi tape Easter eggs. Then all you have to do is glue them to cardboard or paper and add a frame. You can also make some bunting out of these washi tape eggs.

Your children are cordially invited to make this craft a reality! This is a geometric egg work of art in a frame, the egg is made of geometric paper in different colors. To make it stand out, attach the egg to black or white paper and add a frame, done!

Usual items

These brightly colored egg-shaped card holders are just the thing for your Easter brunch. They are pastel-colored and faceted and give your table landscape a modern and angular flair. The card holders are made of oven baked clay and look very cool while all the crafting doesn't take much of your time. What a great and trendy idea!

This egg-shaped pillow will be a nice accessory not only for Easter, but also at other times. It is sewn of light and geometric fabric and has an egg shape. Add a zipper to fill the pillow with what you'd like and to wash it from time to time. Enjoy!

These vases are reminiscent of speckled Easter eggs, they are made of wine cups that have been painted with acrylic paints. Form a trio or duo and add fresh blooms and greenery to vases to create adorable Easter centerpieces or just to decorate your mantelpiece and shelves.

Some egg-shaped soy wax candles make a nice decoration for the table setting or a fun favor for the Easter celebration. Make them colorful, put up stands, and decorate the table - or just any space you want, they can be placed anywhere. Or wrap them in paper and do your guests a favor. Voila!

Egg decorations

Not only are there Christmas and Halloween trees, you can make one for almost any vacation! Make your own Easter tree and decorate it with bold watercolor eggs. Use gum alcohol to achieve that cool watercolor look and make your Easter celebration super bright and trendy this year!

Fimo is ideal for colorful Easter egg ornaments! Take the colors you like, mix them together for a marble effect, and add a chain with loops in the egg to hang when they are dry. Read the entire tutorial to find out how to make such ornaments.

Here's another craft using polymer clay, but it's plain and white. Make some flat Easter eggs and when they are dry just paint them using color block techniques. Don't forget to make holes in the eggs to hang later. Voila!

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