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french country bedroom decor

french country bedroom decor

The French country style is chic, refined, adorable and very popular. It’s something like shabby chic, rustic, refined vintage and chic – all rolled into one. Such a style is ideal for feminine spaces, but it can also be pretty universal. Today I want to share some cool ideas for decorating a bedroom in this effortless but very chic style.


The French country style is all about neutral and creamy tones. They are inviting, cozy and soft. Light gray, taupe, beige, white, cream, buttermilk, and pastel colors are just right for creating such a space.


This style does not require bold shades, so you should interest the room in other ways. A good idea is to play with textures: use wood – whitewashed and light only, stone, wicker, and a variety of textiles – curtains, bedspreads, bed linen, carpets, and furniture covers.


The furniture should be shabby chic or vintage, opt for a metal frame or a wooden bed with carved legs. Choose reclaimed wooden dressers and chests. Rustic and shabby chic accents are just the thing for you. You can combine different pieces of rustic and shabby chic style for a cool look. Don’t forget lamps and lights! A refined vintage chandelier is a must for such a bedroom as it screams French chic!

Green is one of the most popular colors for home renovations of all kinds, as this color is the color of nature, is peaceful and calming, and goes with any style and decor theme - just choose your right shade. Green is a great color for home decor when you don't have an outside space - it is reminiscent of nature itself. Today we're discussing how you can use shades of green for your kitchen decor to make it look vibrant, fresh and very inviting.

Green is a great color like I said above, and you can rock different shades of green for your kitchen. It can be trendy hunter green or other dark green hues, it can be mint green or pastel green for a fresh and lively look, or light emerald or even teal for a bold room. Their shade also depends on the style. For example, vintage and modern rooms look cooler in darker hues, and minimal and modern hues are beautiful in lighter greens. Decide what are you going to combine it with? Greens of all kinds go well with white and ivory, which makes them look very fresh and very vibrant. You can use gray for a quieter look, black for a bold contrast, and add brass, gold, and copper to highlight your shade of green.

Green can be used on the walls, and cabinets can also be supplied in green. You can create a trendy two-tone green kitchen with a lighter shade for the upper cabinets and a darker shade for the lower cabinets. This is a very fashionable idea. Contrasting stone countertops make the kitchen stand out, while quieter wood or butcher tops make the space warmer and more inviting. Go for a non-green kitchen backsplash - update the look of your cabinets and countertops. Get inspired!

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