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Free sewing instructions for a pencil case made from Oilskin
diy fabric wallets

Free sewing instructions for a pencil case made from Oilskin diy fabric wallets

With this tutorial you can sew pencil cases, cosmetic bags, pencil cases and small purses yourself very quickly. The unlined pockets have a wide opening and the zipper is sewn in particularly nicely. Solid fabrics with a beautiful inside such as dry oilskin canvas or other canvas fabrics are suitable. The quick pencil case is also a DIY project for beginners. # sewing bags diy fabric wallets

A wallet or card holder is what every person needs and it can be a great gift for anyone. Cloth is the easiest material to use to make such parts. Today we're going to share some projects with you on making fabric wallets and card holders.

This angled diaper bag is awesome and has beautiful binding details so you can choose different fabrics for each block. The wrap wallet has an attached loop so it's a great clutch too, especially for a girl's night out. Carry your essentials - cards, keys, phone, and lip gloss - and you can dance all night!

A ticket wallet is the ideal way to keep all your tickets safe and small moments of your trip for a scrapbook at the end of summer. You can also enlarge this to make a passport sleeve for those who are further away for a nice matching set.

This card holder measures 5 "wide by 3" high when closed. So it's very compact and perfect to slip into a purse! This is going to be so easy to put together, and I was able to literally use a few scraps to whip this up. To make this wallet, the author used a fusible fleece as an interface, which makes the card holder really sturdy.

The business card wallet has a handy size and is suitable for storing gift cards or for giving away cash. It can also be used to store loyalty cards or other small items. They're really fun to make - choose fabrics and add tags and embellishments. You can make a batch of your favorite scraps that you have on hand as a gift or for a craft stand.

Have you ever had too many cards to handle in your wallet? Be selective and only get the cards you might use in a particular mall, but ended up being the wrong ones? Can't find the cards you thought you already had in your wallet? Sounds familiar! If you nod your head now, you'll need a pouch for the cards. This zip pocket offers space for up to 30 plastic cards (similar to credit cards) and more for thinner cards, e.g. B. Business cards. With the zipper open to the side and coupled with an internal gusset, finding cards becomes easier and faster.

This large cloth wallet is a nice piece for everyone. Change the fabric depending on the person you are making it for. It's a great way to use up waste - not just upholstery waste / swatches. If your machine can handle the thickness, then you should stake the wallet all around for a nice finish (mine can't). You may need to use a zipper foot to get past the magnetic clasp. Close your wallet and admire your good work!

This cute and simple wallet isn't revolutionary in design, but it's cool and convenient to go shopping with. Use scraps of fabric that you have and these will go together. Use the tutorial to make this cute wallet.

If you have a lot of coins, you will need a wallet with a compartment for it. These are not that easy to find, and even less so at an affordable price. If you want a wallet that allows all compartments to be accessed side by side at the same time, this is your option! Read the tutorial to find out how to make one.

Here is a nice fabric card holder. There's room for two cards, but you can do more. If you want, you can right-click the picture to save it to your computer and print it out. On the front there is a pretty concealed button that adds an accent.

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