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flower bed ideas

flower bed ideas

The gardening season has already started in many places and I am sure that once we are going to be spending a lot of time there, you will start thinking about your exterior, furniture and other things. Today I want to spoil you with super cool flower bed designs that you can try to renovate the exterior decor with.

Tree stumps

Hollow tree stumps and tree trunks can be used as cool raised beds. Firstly, you will be reusing an old tree stump, secondly, you will get a very eye-catching and natural look, and thirdly, a raised garden bed has several advantages and you get it for free. Plant bold flowers there to create a cool contrast or succulents that look amazingly harmonious.

Spilled flower beds

I have to admit, this is my favorite type of underbed! Spilled flower beds have an adorable, eye-catching, and amusing effect that will refresh any outdoor decor and look memorable – like if you just spilled flowers there! Choose some sturdy flowers and, of course, the pot – a wooden bathtub, a milk jug, a large porcelain pot dug into the ground to achieve this effect.

Other ideas

Turn an old cart, piano, violin, barrel, basket or other item into your unique flower bed. Check out the ideas below and get creative!

Floating shelves are very popular because they are airy and don't make your space look bulky. They are cool for all types of spaces: kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, and living rooms. Open shelves are a cool and practical way to store your things and display them at their best. You can also make a thick shelf with secret storage space to hide your treasures. It can be corner pieces, tight ones to highlight some pictures, you can use them as staircase decor and as an entrance area. Most are usually attached to the walls to make them stable, but today I want to share a tutorial from placeofmytaste.com and it's about a hanging floating shelf.

You will need a round wooden plate, scissors and a piece of thread. Cut about 50, 3.5 meter pieces of yarn. Tie a knot in the middle. It will be the centerpiece of the hanger. Divide your yarn into four equal sections. Then divide each part into two sections and twist them together. You can also separate your sections into three parts and braid the parts together. Hang your piece up somewhere. Tie a knot about 4 cm below the top. As the final step, tie a knot at the bottom. Slip on your wooden plate.

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