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floral print upholstery ideas

floral print upholstery ideas

Floral prints are timeless, they go perfectly with many decorating styles and will never go out of style. It’s a great idea for spring and summer decor. I just can’t imagine these warm seasons without them. In addition, floral prints are great for feminine spaces. So if you are planning a girly interior, you need it. Today I want to inspire you with some unusual ideas for floral prints: floral cushions that are not used often and that will make your space unique.

Chairs and armchairs

Floral print chairs and armchairs are very easy to customize, and of course you can easily re-upholster some old furniture that you have. Such a vintage chair with floral print and footrest is a nice corner to have tea or coffee and read books. Brighten up your dining room with a simple table and a bunch of beautiful modern stools or chairs with a floral print made of watercolor!

Sofas and love seats

Sofas and love seats with floral prints are super cute! Here you will find delicate sofas with floral print and purple and pink floral prints. These are the most popular items. If you like to follow trends, opt for moody pieces – a black or a dark blue sofa with bold floral prints.


Beds don’t often get upholstered, but if you’re looking to find a piece like this, be sure to choose flower pads! Such a bed is of course suitable for girly rooms, and we recommend keeping it girly – with pink floral prints or cute watercolor prints or cheerful summer motifs. Enjoy the flowers!

If you want to give your bathroom a chic and glamorous feel, if you want to make it sophisticated and beautiful, there is a cool way that doesn't require changing the entire room - just add a glamorous chandelier. Crystal chandeliers are a hot trend in interior design and we're used to seeing them in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms, but bathrooms get a special charm with them. The bathrooms usually don't have a lot of decor and furniture, so a large chandelier looks bold. Let's look at some of them.

Small and average size chandeliers

A small or average crystal chandelier will make any bathroom more glamorous and sophisticated. You don't have to buy a very expensive one - trends are returning and you may find one in your grandparents' shop. You can also hang such a chandelier in a glamorous, modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, rustic and many other bathrooms - such an item will fit in many rooms.

Big chandelier

If your bathroom is big enough, or you don't need a lot of decor here, rock a large or oversized chandelier. It will make a gorgeous statement and catch an eye and turn your bathroom into a glamorous hideaway. Some bathrooms require nothing but a gorgeous bathtub and oversized crystal chandelier. Go glamorous!

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