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floral print upholstery ideas

floral print upholstery ideas

Floral prints are timeless, they go perfectly with many decorating styles and will never go out of style. It’s a great idea for spring and summer decor. I just can’t imagine these warm seasons without them. In addition, floral prints are great for feminine spaces. So if you are planning a girly interior, you need it. Today I want to inspire you with some unusual ideas for floral prints: floral cushions that are not used often and that will make your space unique.

Chairs and armchairs

Floral print chairs and armchairs are very easy to customize, and of course you can easily re-upholster some old furniture that you have. Such a vintage chair with floral print and footrest is a nice corner to have tea or coffee and read books. Brighten up your dining room with a simple table and a bunch of beautiful modern stools or chairs with a floral print made of watercolor!

Sofas and love seats

Sofas and love seats with floral prints are super cute! Here you will find delicate sofas with floral print and purple and pink floral prints. These are the most popular items. If you like to follow trends, opt for moody pieces – a black or a dark blue sofa with bold floral prints.


Beds don’t often get upholstered, but if you’re looking to find a piece like this, be sure to choose flower pads! Such a bed is of course suitable for girly rooms, and we recommend keeping it girly – with pink floral prints or cute watercolor prints or cheerful summer motifs. Enjoy the flowers!

Fall is the time when we all strive for comfort food - warm, cozy, and nutritious. There is no other idea as good as soup. Today I want to share some delicious DIY hot autumn soup recipes that you will absolutely love. Let's start!

Curry pumpkin soup is rich, creamy, and full of perfectly flavored flavors. It's ready in under 30 minutes and is perfect for quick meals. It's probably one of the easiest soups out there, and it's absolutely delicious. Pumpkin makes it perfect for fall and it's nice and flavorful.

If you're thinking of a hot dinner on the cold evenings but there is still fresh corn in the market, corn soup is a great way to kick off the fall. This version combines sweetcorn and smoky bacon in a creamy broth topped with lightly poached shrimp and sliced ​​jalapeños to soothe the blues at the end of summer.

This tomato orange soup is the richest, creamiest tomato soup you have ever tried, with a dash of fresh orange juice for a little more flavor! Although freshly squeezed orange juice is preferred in this recipe, high quality bottled orange juice will also work.

This creamy and soothing cauliflower soup is full of veggies but has all the delicious flavors of a loaded baked potato. The soup was creamy and cozy and smooth and elegant. So comforting on a throat that was sore from talking and mingling so much.

This guilt-free chorizo ​​sweet potato soup is made from sweet potatoes, noodles, and chorizo ​​- it will quickly become your favorite soup recipe! This soup should come together in about 20 minutes - YES. The only thing better than a 30 minute meal is a 20 minute meal.

Creamy recipe for sweet potato soup - easy and effortless to prepare. Light and nutritious, this soup goes perfectly with a sandwich or salad for a healthy lunch or dinner. Child-friendly and ready in less than 30 minutes.

Carrot and Dill Fall Harvest Soup is a celebration of the great garden harvest this year. There was no shortage of carrots. There is no better way than a warm creamy, smooth soup to warm our hearts during the fall season.

Warm up inside out with this simple pumpkin curry soup. You'll love how quick and easy it is to make, and you'll find this is a new recipe! If you're used to being a little sweeter, you should probably add a touch of honey to this pumpkin and curry soup. Try it out and make it yourself!

This healthy, vegan kale and pumpkin soup with orzo is the perfect soup for the colder autumn and winter months. Not only is it delicious and warming, it's also packed with nutrients. If you want to make it gluten-free, you can simply replace the orzo pasta with puy lentils.

This broccoli cheddar potato soup is warm, calming, and full of veggies your whole family will love! This broccoli cheddar potato soup is a great example of the concept of healthier home cooking. Let's face it, it's mostly just a large bowl of vegetables - with a bit of cheese and milk for richness and flavor. Eating a bowl of this soup is pretty much like eating a salad.

Homemade cream of mushroom soup with no cream or a lot of butter, just some cream cheese to make it really smooth and calming. This is a very simple recipe for mushroom soup that can be ready in about half an hour. So if you fancy a really nice creamy mushroom soup, you don't have to buy the one already made, it's really not worth it! This is so much healthier and tastier and the time to make it from scratch is really short. A little chop, stir and flash the soup and you're done.

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