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floating staircase design ideas

floating staircase design ideas

Floating stairs are the trendiest and hottest idea for a modern home. If you want to add a little extra edge to this, it’s high time to rock one. I’ve prepared a whole bunch of great ideas for you to steal. Take a look!

Floating stairs

If you want a very clean and sleek look, choose a floating staircase with no handrail or handrail. It can be made of wood, metal, glass, and other materials – feel like you are flying up and down in the air!

Floating stairs with handrails / handrails

A floating staircase can be equipped with or some of them have handrails and handrails to increase safety for children, pets, and even adults. If it is a hanging staircase, you can use the suspension as a railing. If you want a more ethereal look, choose a glass railing without a railing. Wall-mounted railing will not add a bulky feel to your airy staircase. So swing a couple if you like it.

Ceilings may not be the first thing you notice upon entering, but they really create an ambience and can make your space appear smaller or larger than it is. A room with a low ceiling usually feels uncomfortable. So if you don't have highs, why not create such an illusion?

Use shiny paint on the ceilings

It will reflect the light and the ceilings will appear higher. However, remember that the ceiling surface should be ideal.

Use glass walls or floor-to-ceiling windows

Glass, like shiny paint, has the property of reflecting things. Therefore a glass wall or a large window increases the feeling of space and provides natural daylight.

Paint the ceiling lighter as the walls

Lighter ceilings create an imposing effect and create the illusion of a large and bright room. A dark floor is also sufficient!

Hang your curtains close to the ceiling

Even if the windows are small, floor-to-ceiling curtains reveal great features of the room that you were not familiar with.

Avoid using pendant lights

Pendant lights are specially designed for high ceilings, mainly because they make the ceiling appear closer to the floor. If you have low ceilings, we recommend using in-wall lighting, although they may not be as alluring.

Decorate your walls with vertical strips

Vertical stripes visually enlarge any room, that's the effect they create. Look out for stylish striped wallpaper and enjoy the effect you get!

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