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farmhouse living rooms

farmhouse living rooms

Farmhouse is a very popular style, it is a rustic style with modern, vintage or shabby chic touches that embellish the space and that is why it is so popular. How can you achieve this style in your home? This round-up gives some tips and examples about farmhouse living rooms. Take a look around and be inspired!

Colors and materials

The farmhouse style is all about neutrals: white, creamy, beige, gray, white, brown and other and of course natural colors of wood and stone that should be present in your farmhouse – these are key materials. You can also add brick (better white or whitewashed), leather, and soft textiles to make your farmhouse living room more catchy and chic.


The furniture you use will depend on the context you want to create – is it a boho farmhouse living room? Modern or vintage? Industrial or shabby chic? If you’re into vintage and shabby chic, you need vintage furniture – just renovate some existing parts or reupholster them. If you are modern or contemporary, you need more modern furniture. Prefer neutral upholstery and white or dark furniture legs, reclaimed coffee tables and wooden sideboards.


Decor will help finish your farmhouse space, and again – use decor that suits your style. Printed or neutral pillows, soft and fluffy carpets, wooden beams (fake if you don’t have real ones), potted greens, fancy artwork, and cages for vintage decor. Watch out for lights and lamps: use sleek pendant lights or crystal chandeliers, candle lanterns, and candelabra.

Whether you're hosting a big galentine party or a dinner for just two, a bar or tea cart is a must either. How can you design your shopping cart to give it a vacation look? Here are a few ideas!

Blossoms will never go out of style and it is a brilliant idea to use to decorate your bar or tea trolley. The flowers can be pink, red, red, burgundy, pastel colors - any color associated with this holiday will do.

Bunting and garlands are welcome. This is a budget friendly and cool decorating idea that is readily available. Pompons, tassels, hearts, letters, flowers, paper balls, and other things can be used to make these decorations.

Some other ideas are tents, balloons, hearts, and of course, cool Valentine barware. Glasses, decanters, stirrers, plates and other things can also be made for the party itself. Get inspired!

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