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farmhouse kitchen decor

farmhouse kitchen decor

The modern peasant style is very popular: it is a fresh take on the traditional rustic style and such rooms look very inviting. If you want to decorate your home with this style, this round up may be helpful: we’ve put together some tips and ideas for decorating country kitchens.

Colors and materials

Rock a neutral color palette: white, creamy, beige, gray, off-white, tan and other and of course natural colors of wood and stone that may be present in your farmhouse, to be precise, wood is one of the key materials and stone is optional, but it will add coziness. Bricks can also be used to accent walls or create backsplashes. Real or decorative wooden beams on the ceiling are a great idea to bring out the style of the room. The countertops are entirely up to you, although butcheblock and stone are the best matching options.


The cabinets in your country kitchen can be more modern or vintage – it depends on what feeling you want to create. You can easily renovate the existing cabinets by hanging new doors and restoring or replacing the countertops. Prefer neutral upholstery (if any) and whitewashed or reclaimed wooden tables, sideboards and sideboards. A kitchen island is a must for a country kitchen. It could be a large or small piece, a vintage wooden table with a stone top, or whatever item you think is appropriate here. The hood can be clad in reclaimed wood or even aged metal for a vintage feel.

Lights and lamps

You can hang a gorgeous statement chandelier in a rustic vintage style, or at least imitate that style. Accentuate your kitchen island with additional pendant lights and additional built-in lights above the countertops if you want. Vintage industrial lamps can also be a nice alternative to rustic ones, they go perfectly with the country house style.

Baskets are great for creating simple fall and winter displays. They certainly give the room a cozy feel. What can you put in them to get a cool and chic look? Here are some examples of how to rock.

Baskets of pumpkins

The baskets can be different: wicker baskets, wooden baskets, metal baskets, depending on the desired look. Fill your basket with pumpkins of any kind: natural or artificial, plastic or fabric, colorful or neutral. Mix them with pine cones, nuts, flowers, greens, wheat, feathers, moss. Add cotton branches, blankets, and even pillows to make your display as cozy as possible, and highlight your decoration with LEDs. Use your wicker displays as centerpieces, mantelpiece displays, and just for decorating coffee tables.

Baskets of other things

Some other ideas are nuts, acorns, pine cones, fake fruits and vegetables, or real apples and pears - what a great and easy idea for an edible fall centerpiece! Use hanging baskets to create bold displays for your front door instead of the usual wreath. Get inspired!

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