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Fantastic DIYs to embellish a vintage suitcase – DIY & Crafts |  It’s a question of style
diys to spruce up a vintage trunk

Fantastic DIYs to embellish a vintage suitcase – DIY & Crafts | It’s a question of style diys to spruce up a vintage trunk

Fantastic DIYs to embellish a vintage suitcase – DIY & Crafts | It’s a question of style diys to spruce up a vintage trunk

Suitcases were used to store and carry luggage, but today they can be used too. A vintage trunk is a great find - you can use it for storage, make a statement, add chic, and even convert it into a piece of furniture. If you're lucky enough to have an old suitcase on hand, don't throw it away, renovate it! Here are some DIYs to do that.


This tutorial is very simple: take your vintage trunk and spray it on. You can tape off hardware or just spray the whole thing on - with white it becomes a very gentle shabby chic piece. If you want, you can try different colors - turquoise, pink, gray or others to make a colorful statement or to match your interior.

Renovate an old and worn out trunk and give it a chic look and a new life! This project has some information about painting, spray painting, and renovating the hardware on the trunk, choosing the right colors. You can also add some decorative details like leather belts. Use this cool trunk for storage or as a stylish coffee table with storage space inside. Get inspired!

Add a pop culture touch to your space with such a cool Union Jack trunk! In this project, we'll teach you how to paint a Union Jack on your vintage trunk to give it a bold new and fresh look. Such an item can be used for storage in different rooms and the whole tutorial is not difficult. Let yourself be inspired!

This tutorial is all about making an oriental style suitcase more stylish and chic. The tasteless floral prints disappeared after the trunk was painted turquoise. This color goes perfectly with brass fittings that the trunk stood on. If yours don't exist, just add what you'd like.

A vintage trunk on the legs has been renovated and given a modern look following this tutorial. First it was painted white and then stenciled with some metal strips. The hardware added was black to contrast the trunk and create a bolder look. Get inspiration to turn an old trunk into a brand new one!

Got a boring vintage trunk and don't know what to do with it? Renovate it first! In this tutorial, we will teach you how to paint a trunk with white and gold stripes to make it more modern and brighter. The idea is to spray the strips with washi tape. Enjoy!


Here is another project to renovate an old trunk and give it a bold and cool look. The trunk was made partly of wood, partly of metal and partly of fabric, so that some parts had to be tackled. So the author painted the first piece and renovated the hardware. He also added a glass tabletop to use the trunk as a chic coffee table. Further details on the project can be found in the source.

Here's a tutorial on how to turn a vintage suitcase into a chic coffee table or bedside table with angled legs. If you need to renovate the trunk first, use some previous tutorials and then find some matching vintage wooden legs to attach. Read the entire tutorial to find out how it all works.

If you don't just need a trunk for storage, give it a new function - turn it into a coffee table, for example. This tutorial will show you how to make a stylish and trendy coffee table with hairpin legs from a regular trunk. Feel free to give it the look you want first and only then put it on the hairpin legs. Enjoy!

Make a chic and stylish shabby chic coffee table out of a vintage trunk. The trunk is placed on small and comfortable legs and then whitewashed for a gorgeous shabby chic look. You can mask the hardware first or leave it whitewashed. Get inspired!

If you have a lot of documents, remember to make a filing system for a vintage trunk - very easy and very convenient to use. In this tutorial you will learn how to make such a storage system in the trunk building out of wood to store it in. Before building the wood using the ideas below, renovate the trunk to your liking!

Here's another idea of ​​building a coffee table out of a vintage trunk by adding some hairpin legs. The author decided not to renovate the trunk itself, intentionally keeping its shabby look. Hairpin legs lift it to the floor, giving more space underneath and adding a light look. Get inspired!


In addition to being stylish, trunk-style coffee tables provide convenient storage space for toys, extra throws and pillows, a movie collection, and anything else that needs to be kept for a busy family. This rustic trunk style coffee table is easy to build. If you don't have a trunk on hand, you can personalize it to your liking.

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