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fall smoothie recipes

fall smoothie recipes

A smoothie is a very healthy breakfast or just meal, and many of us love to have it. Now it’s autumn and we need more vitamins and healthy food to avoid catching colds. Here are some healthy and delicious smoothie recipes that you might love. Let’s look at that.

Probiotic Pumpkin Pear Smoothie is a dairy-free smoothie that strikes the perfect balance between sweet, fruity, earthy and spicy. It’s like autumn in a glass. The flavors are perfectly balanced – not too sweet, not too hot. It’s perfect to slurp – not too fat, not too thin. And it’s full of nutritious ingredients like fruits, whole grain oats, and probiotics.

This fiber-rich pear green smoothie is perfectly creamy and sweet with a hint of cinnamon. Ideal for mixing in autumn and winter to get the most out of seasonal products. Using high-fiber fruits and vegetables will help you stay full longer. The vitamins and minerals can also help your body heal faster by adding extra support to your hair, skin, and nails. Adding cinnamon to your daily eating plan will regulate your blood sugar levels, lower harmful cholesterol, and give your metabolism a sweet boost.

Do you have a lot of pumpkins? No problem, use them for a cool smoothie! This smoothie can be enjoyed in under 10 minutes, making it ideal for kids who are younger or have shorter attention spans. If you want a really cold smoothie, make sure to use cold pumpkin and a frozen banana. Another option would be to add some ice!

This apple and spice smoothie is made from cinnamon, nutmeg and real apples. Adding some warming spices is a great way to spice up your smoothie and kick it off into fall. Apple Spice Smoothie Leftovers are great for smoothie bowls. Just add a few scoops of oats and let them sit in the fridge overnight. The next morning I just mix everything smoothly and pour seeds and fruits over it.

Pumpkin pie + cinnamon + coffee in a delicious smoothie! This double cinnamon pumpkin pie smoothie is made from all the ingredients we crave for fall and is loaded with all the delicacies and spices to start your day in the best possible way.

If you love pumpkin and ginger, you will die of this guilt-free ginger and pumpkin smoothie. Packed full of pumpkin, cashew nuts and coconut milk, it will keep you full and delight your palate! It’s a no-brainer why, but mostly because smoothies are a quick and easy way to sneak into veggies, superfoods, and egg whites.

This crunchy apple smoothie has all of the flavors of that favorite dessert – apple, oats, and cinnamon – in a healthy smoothie that is perfect for breakfast. If you don’t have a heavy duty blender, you can peel your apple or soak your oats to ensure a smooth smoothie.

This vegan green superfood pumpkin pie smoothie is perfect for fall. It tastes like pumpkin pie but is full of vitamins and fiber! This creamy and delicious green smoothie is high in vitamin A, protein, fiber and omega-3 fats.

Figs are amazing: they’re high in what fiber we want, full of vitamins and minerals, and they will curb your sweet tooth from biscuit or cake to fig. This smoothie is really simple. It tastes like sweet autumn in a glass. Banana, figs, cinnamon, oatmeal, almond milk, ice cream and boom are ready.

Mulled apple wine is such a classic and it really warms the cockles. But what if you want to cool the cockles down? Or would you like some fantastic health benefits along with the festive flavors? This smoothie is not thick and creamy, but light and fresh like a mulled apple wine! It’s made from almond milk that’s stacked with nutrients, making it an ideal alternative for those who are lactose intolerant, dairy-free, or allergic to soy.

Rustic style is very popular for home decor and of course for vacation style, it brings ultimate cosiness. If you want to decorate your Christmas party in a rustic style, we've prepared some cool ideas to make it effortless and in a cool way. Immerse yourself in our gallery below!

Natural decor

There is nothing more beautiful than the things that nature has created. What you need for a rustic decor is a touch of nature here and there - evergreen plants, pine cones, acorns, twigs, berries, flowers and so on. They can be artificial or natural. You can arrange them in several ways, such as: B. Put firewood in a galvanized bucket or basket, arrange branches and berries, use evergreen plants, pine cones and acorns. The good thing is that most of these projects are completely DIY. You can make many wreaths, centerpieces, arrangements, and other decorations to style both outdoors and indoors. You can collect the materials for these outdoor decorations and home improvement yourself - go to the woods for branches and pine cones, get acorns and evergreen plants so you can take a nice walk and decorate all in one.

Rustic decor

Natural decor should be completed with some rustic touches to make it rustic rather than just natural or Scandinavian. Opt for galvanized buckets and bathtubs, baskets and woven vases and pots, lots of burlap and textiles with buffalo check and plaid prints, vintage metal bells, wooden bowls and ornaments, wooden discs. Use the same thing both indoors and outdoors to make your space more cohesive - plaid ribbons and stone bunting, wrap your Christmas decorations in buffalo plaid textiles or make them out of wooden discs that also serve as placemats or platforms for Christmas centerpieces can serve. Make wooden signs, wooden boxes for natural Christmas arrangements, wrap candles with bark and realize other Christmas projects to ultimately make your decor cozy.

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