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Fall Leaf Prints – Meaningfulmama.com
toddler fall crafts

Fall Leaf Prints – Meaningfulmama.com toddler fall crafts

Have your little one paint and mess with child-safe paint for an afternoon and create this toddler craft with fall leaf print. This is a quick and creative DIY project that can easily be used as a fun study activity for your toddler to practice their fine motor skills. #kidsart #fallactivities toddler fall crafts

Fall is almost here and it's time to craft something seasonal. If you have toddlers, make something with them and have fun! Here are some ideas for making autumn a reality and enjoying it with your children.

Red, orange, yellow and brown tones mix with the remains of the green leaves. It's just so magical, don't you think so? To capture the spirit of autumn in a sensory container, put together this sensory soup. It can be put together quickly and easily, promotes fine motor skills and reflects the swirling, colorful leaves of autumn.

Fragrant baked cotton balls are a great craft idea for this fall. Really fun deconstructing the art you've made - and who can resist the smooth art process? Grab some simple materials and have fun with your kids!

Make adorable play dough with autumn-inspired spices! It will smell totally divine and your kids will love to play with it. If you'd rather not use whole spices or can't find them, this small sample cup activity with a variety of ground spices from your spice cabinet is just as fun.

This craft is dedicated to Halloween. This is a DIY Jack-O-Landern garland made from your child's paintings! The method is sponge painting, which is pretty straightforward and most of the kids enjoy painting a lot. This is such a great little project to do with your young child (s). Perfect for toddlers and then mom will finish the job!

This amazing play dough is inspired by Halloween - it's made in orange and black and will be a huge hit with your kids! Make it, layer it in glasses and gift it to your kids for great fun while they play.

This is another type of fall scent - that amazing apple pie modeling clay. Not only will this apple play batter be fun to pretend to make apple pie, but your house will smell like apple pie too! The best thing about this homemade apple and cinnamon modeling clay is that it's flavor safe. We don't recommend eating it, of course, but great for kids to play with as it is non-toxic.

Call your kids to make fall leaves with our potato stamps. It's a great way to keep the kids busy while you bake this week and then you can use it as a tablecloth for the kids table on Thanksgiving! Or just a window stamp with washable paint on a rainy day.

This apple craft with a thread and paper plate core awaits our orchard day in the coming autumn. Such a cool and bold craft is loved by every child and you can help them make these! Another idea is the same plate craft of a pumpkin. Get inspired!

These toilet paper tube pumpkins are a fun little activity. You can do them with your toddler or let your older kids create them by themselves! Add them to a wreath, hang them up as a garland, or just place them around your house to add a little fall decor.

Create these bold leaves with bold watercolors! Read below on how to make this pretty fall garland with your kids, and share some tips on how to strengthen their fine motor skills with the help of a squeeze bottle and hot glue.

These brightly colored felt apples can be used as gift tags, fridge magnets, Christmas decorations or fall decor. They're even cute for a kid's play kitchen! Read on to get the full tutorial and download the free printable apple template.

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