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fall lanterns

fall lanterns

A large candle lantern can be used not only for candles, but also to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces. It is easy and quick to make decor. Let’s look at a few ways you can style your lantern for fall or Thanksgiving. It can be a centerpiece or decoration for a mantelpiece, shelf, or even a porch. Take a look at these examples.

First of all, you can fill the lantern with all kinds of vegetables – not just pumpkins, as you thought, but also pumpkins, peppers, corns, berries and other things, it can be fake or real. If it’s a party or wedding centerpiece, add foliage and flowers and maybe a candle.

Second, you can opt for other items like wheat, pine cones, herbs, and the like. The lantern itself can be whimsy or ordinary, it can be painted a specific color or metallic, and you can also decorate the top of the lantern with corn, corn husks, or a burlap bow on top.

Are you looking for cool tiles for your kitchen decor? Do you want something catchy but inconspicuous? Looking for a light texture? Penny rounds are the answer! Originating in real pennies, these tiny tiles look just as good in a modern kitchen as they do in a vintage kitchen. Wherever they are, they add nice texture and interest to the room, which makes them perfect for backsplashes.

When choosing penny tile, the final look will depend in part on the color. White penny tiles with black grout are the classic retro look, while black or gray penny tiles have a chic, contemporary look, and blue penny tiles are wonderfully unexpected. Play with the grout to create a unique look - mark the tiles with contrasting grout or make the tiles look softer with matching grout. Part of the resurrected penny tile trend is to create mosaics from the tiles, e.g. B. Flowers or various pictures. Classic penny tiles are ceramic, but marble penny tiles look luxurious, and varieties of glass are shiny and sophisticated. Installing penny tiles can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Many tile stores sell them in squares or sheets so there is no need to install the tiles individually.

Penny tiles can be combined with many materials such as concrete, stone, wood, and others, making them an easy addition to any kitchen look. They look amazing with both black and metallic lights, adding color or contrast, texture and interest that are perfect, especially for purely neutral kitchens, to avoid boring looks. Check out the ideas we've gathered and steal them!

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