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Expedit Island – IKEA Hacker
ikea bookshelf bookcase hacks

Expedit Island – IKEA Hacker ikea bookshelf bookcase hacks

IKEA Expedit Hack – Smart Clever. Stand it on big fat legs. Add an oversized tabletop for cutting tables. ikea bookshelf bookcase hacks

IKEA is loved by everyone! I can't name another furniture maker that regularly brings out chic modern furniture that is practical, useful and easily suitable for most interiors. IKEA furniture seems to be screaming “Change me!” And of course we will! IKEA furniture is a great canvas for creating what you want and I'm not only talking about renovating furniture, but also transforming pieces of furniture into different ones. Today we're looking at how to hack some IKEA bookcases and how to turn IKEA parts into bookcases - let's take a look at these awesome DIYs.

Kallax / Expedit hacks

The simple, cubicle-shaped bookcase from Ikea Kallax is one of my favorite items to decorate and organize. It's so versatile because it comes in many configurations and can be placed on its side or laid on its side. And when grouped, two of them work perfectly in a corner. The Ikea Kallax doors are currently available in a variety of colors - including white, brown, black, and even turquoise and yellow - but may not fit in your room. If not, just cover them with self-adhesive vinyl in the shade you want. Read the entire tutorial to find out how to do that.

An IKEA Kallax hack that will turn your IKEA Kallax / Expedit storage cube from average to cool, fun and industrial! The bookcase is covered with metal and the top is covered with wood that you can stain or paint if necessary.

Here's another IKEA Kallax hack, and it's very easy! The interior has been painted a bold yellow paint to make it more eye-catching and interesting. The author also added cool modern legs to the shelf, they gave the shelf a chic modern look.

Are you looking for the perfect way to add rustic charm to a simple IKEA shelf? You are going to love this IKEA hack! This IKEA shelf got the ultimate rustic feel as it was wrapped in wood - a great idea!

IKEA hacks are very popular these days as IKEA makes basic things that are easy to decorate or reuse. You can turn the IKEA Kallax bookcase into a bar cart with castors and brass handles to use separately as a tray. Read the entire tutorial to create this one!

For all of the sad IKEA hackers bleak that Expedit (above) is retiring, fear not, IKEA has a replacement that is just as fabulous to hack. Expeditors will be happy to know that the new Kallax maintains the same interior dimensions. The main difference is that the wood that makes up the outer edge of the design is slimmed down. How do you get this eye-catching neon yellow interior effect? Step into Panyl, a fabulous new product that lets you turn simple vanilla furniture into something poppy and fun. Read the entire tutorial to find out how to do it.

Do you ever live with a piece of furniture for so long that it never crosses your mind, but then one day you see and realize, “Wow, this is so ugly. Why do i have this? "That's the story of this record shelf. The IKEA Kallax shelf is a great piece to turn into a record shelf with a cool look. Make it yourself with this tutorial.

IKEA hacks are very popular because IKEA furniture is like canvas for painting pictures. The IKEA Kallax shelf is great for turning it into a stylish coffee table with plenty of storage space. The boxes placed in it are ideal for storage and are very convenient.

The Kallax series is very similar to the Expedit series, except that the shelves are a bit thinner and less wood is used in the manufacture. Turn the Kallax shelf on its side, add some table legs and turn it into a sideboard table! Read the entire tutorial to find out how to do it.

IKEA BORGJSO bookcases are amazing, but you can make them bolder by using something different for the underlay. Wallpaper, wrapping paper, paint and fabric were options on the table. This tutorial will show you how to change the geometric fabric support to make these bookcases chic and bold.

The IKEA Expedit shelf can be easily hacked for more convenient storage. Canvases can be hung as doors for some parts of this shelf. The author painted canvases in turquoise to blend in with her space, but you can choose other colors. Such a piece will fit in both an office and a home - choose your own color and switch your shelf!

Billy Bookcase Hacks

IKEA Billy is a very simple, simple bookcase. Time to make it beautiful! This tutorial will teach you how to paint it and add some interesting lining. Put up interesting wallpapers to make it even more special and enjoy your bold look.

IKEA is a popular retailer for so many of us looking for affordable decor, storage and organization items for our homes. There are endless ways to transform or "chop" your wares into custom, unique pieces. Do you want to know what's even better than an IKEA hack? Give Billy's bookcase a bold new look with wallpapers and a fun, bright color with this tutorial.

The Billy Bookcase is great to customize: this tutorial will show you how to modify your bookcase using fabric-covered cardboard inserts that can be changed almost instantly to give them a brand new look. You can redesign this bookcase in any bookcase, closet, or china cabinet for a permanent or temporary change.

The IKEA Billy bookcase is a basic piece that can be turned into a stunning, custom one. Kate from Centsational Girl loves the Ikea Billy-style bookcase so much that she started her fourth DIY project with this bookcase. This time, she added a crown and baseplate, gave it a good paint job, and reinforced the ornamentation to give it a more solid and stylish feel. It's actually quite a simple do-it-yourself job, but with maximum impact in the results department!

Some contact papers with the colors and prints you like are just the thing for hacking a simple billy bookcase. Adding a cool background will give the bookcase an absolutely new and fresh look. Wallpaper scraps are also suitable for changing the carrier.

If you've got a plain old bookcase that you're fed up with, don't despair, you can easily swap it out with a Homeright Finish Max and some reclaimed wood. Here the author modified a Billy bookcase made from reclaimed wood to make it look more interesting and structured. An ideal piece to add a rustic feel to your room!

Do you have a regular white or brown bookcase at home? Are you looking for an easy, quick, and easy way to dress it up and give it a stylish update? Here's a no-sew trick that involves lining the back of your shelf with fabric to make it unique and fun! In an afternoon or evening, you can turn your bookshelf, storage unit or closet to a madness and update your room in one go!

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