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entryway floor transition ideas

entryway floor transition ideas

Open layouts always remain in the foreground and we are combining more and more rooms into one. Nevertheless, their functions are different and we need a slightly different decor that would not be so divisive at the same time. The same goes for floors, and floor transition ideas have become very popular. How can a transition be created in a stylish way to avoid problems? Here are a few ideas!

Gradual transition

Seamless and gradual floor transitions are a great idea to give your entryway a very modern look. Rock geometric or mosaic tiles on the most walkable area and cover the floors all around with laminate. Create a gradual transition with an uneven edge and even tiles that easily blend into others if there are tiles all around.

Sharp transition

Sharp transitions are classics that never go out of style. Simply cover the entrance area with one type of tile and move on to another type, creating a sharp edge that is immediately visible. Two different types of laminate, laminate and tile are welcome – choose different ones for a bolder contrast.

Smoked glass is a cool way to keep transparency, but not too much. It's an elegant idea for many interiors, especially modern and minimalist ones. Interested how to incorporate it into your decor? Here are a few ideas.

Smoked glass doors

Smoked glass is widely used for doors and partitions, and this is a hot and edgy idea that is sure to add a trendy, modern feel to your home. If it's a masculine or minimalist interior, a smoked glass door is ideal for separating your bedroom from a private bathroom or walk-in closet. Such a door will separate the rooms, but not too much, so that the light will pass through and the rooms will be united and look bigger. Add a smoked glass shower wall in your bathroom to make it more luxurious and prevent the bathroom from flooding.

Other ideas

Smoked glass can be used on kitchen cabinets or wine coolers - light them from the inside for a chic look. This way you show what you have while still keeping the space organized. If you want a conservatory, consider placing it in smoked glass. This will prevent you from getting excessive sunlight and make you feel like you are outside.

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