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easy ideas brighten up your space

easy ideas brighten up your space

Brightening up a dark room seems like the ultimate tough task. If for some reason you can’t do a major renovation, there are some easier ways to do it. Here you will find chic, foolproof ideas that will help you get the most out of your room.

Bright wall art

When it comes to artwork, you want to go the easier route. The lighter your artwork, the larger the room will be. If you have a darker room that feels empty or a little too dark, consider adding art with light hues to make the room feel inviting. A bold work of art with bright tones brings any room to life with a brightening effect.

Bold wallpaper

Bring some bold wallpaper and maximize the space and your decorating style. In addition, this form of decoration allows you to use as much of your personality as possible. Keep it chic and optimal by using bright shades of color woven into your beloved pattern.

Light wooden floor

If a room needs additional lighting, it is best to opt for light wood floors. Light wood works great as it is generally charming. Lightly stained floors are also great for high-traffic spaces as they are great at masking scratches and other tidbits that can make darker wood look grubby after a while.

Go translucent

Remove any dark and heavy areas and furniture, and select a translucent object. Whether you’re using translucent or lighter curtains, or changing the furniture completely, you’ll want lighter colors that are almost too plain to ever feel heavy. Combine your translucent elements with darker elements for a soft contrast that also brightens the room.

Don't you want to decorate an ordinary or artificial pumpkin? Looking for more original ideas to rock? I have some for you! Today we share the coolest fabric pumpkins - very soft, very cute and very autumnal! Let's take a look and get ready to sew - some of them really ask for it.

Velvet is a very trendy and very autumnal fabric, it is warm and soothing and looks luxurious. So why not cover your pumpkin with it? Make these 10 minute DIY velvet pumpkins! You don't have to pick up a needle at all, and if it weren't for the pumpkin stem, you wouldn't even need glue for this tutorial! In other words, these are the easiest fabric pumpkins ever made and they look like you picked them up in a pottery barn.

Not all pumpkins have to be real or plastic, and they definitely don't have to be orange. Go for a different variety of pumpkin as the fall decor of your home. These nutrient-free pumpkins are easy to make, easy to customize and look so cute! The special thing about these non-sewn fabric pumpkins is how easy it is to adapt them to your taste and to choose different fabrics and colors.

This project isn't new, but it's fun, relatively simple, and can be customized to suit your seasonal decor. Use a nice selection of fabrics to make these pumpkins. Here you can see a mix of velor and patterned fabrics. Fabric pumpkins are all the rage, they are very durable and soft. You can use them for years after they are made.

If you want to enjoy pumpkins that are a little more low maintenance this year, this cloth wrapped pumpkin idea might be a solution for you! It can be easy to make your own pumpkin with a cloth wrap. All you need is a piece of your favorite fall fabric and a roll of toilet paper. No sewing is required and the finished product is ready in just a few minutes! Read the tutorial to do it.

Here is an arrangement of bold fabric pumpkins for fall decor, and none of them require sewing or tough maintenance. The whole idea is to shape the fabric pumpkins with string to make them cool, and then add your leaves and string with a little more hot glue and voilà!

If you love decorating for fall but the standard orange pumpkin just doesn't suit your decor, check out this awesome tutorial on fabric covered pumpkins. Now you can have pumpkins in any color or style to match your home!

Make some fancy fabric pumpkins using wooden sticks as a stem! In this tutorial you will learn how to mke and cram them easily and quickly. The use of three fabrics results in a pretty pumpkin vignette. Stack them on your mantelpiece or sideboard. Or use them as a Thanksgiving centerpiece. If you add a small label to the stem, you can give it away as a hostess gift.

Decorating your home with pretty fall decor is a great way to make you feel cozy and comfortable, but it doesn't have to break the bank. Creating and creating your own fall decor like this fabric pumpkin craft can be a great way to unleash your creativity and save money. The real Cinderella pumpkin comes from a French heirloom variety called “Rouge vif D'Etampes”, a deep red-orange pumpkin with deep ribs. The pretty blue-gray pumpkin is a variety called Jarrahdale, a cross between the Cinderella pumpkin and Blue Hubbard. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to make these fabric pumpkins and use them to decorate your home. Read the instructions there.

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