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easy diy christmas tree stands

easy diy christmas tree stands

easy diy christmas tree stands

A tree stand is a must have for any Christmas tree - it should be kind of sturdy and you can also cover an ugly tree base, which sometimes happens. I've prepared a whole bunch of DIY ideas to make them a reality and you'll find lots of tutorials here, from box-like covers to mobile stands.

Rustic stands and covers

If you want a natural or rustic Christmas tree stand, here is a cool idea! This is a tree stand made from a stump, a real one! Just take a stump, tree, drill and drill a suitable hole in the stump to introduce your tree. Very easy and very easy, DIY it quickly!

Make this country style Christmas tree stand complete with a plastic container for pouring with a metal bucket and clothesline hook. Perfect for smaller rooms, a cozy corner or a veranda. The base of this stand is weighted down with marble garden stones for support and the galvanized bucket has an incredibly charming and rustic seasonal feel.

Geometry is a hot trend, and rustic decor never goes out of style. So why not mix these two together? This geometric tree stand is made from just a 1 × 6 board and can be adjusted to any height by just changing a number in the cutting list below. And depending on how the piece is finished, this little gem can easily be used as a planter in the off-season. So cool!

If you need a country style tree stand but don't want to work traditionally with wood or tree stumps, give tires a try. How do you make a tire rustic? Add jute! This tire tree stand is fairly simple and inexpensive to manufacture. It doesn't take a lot of skill or accessories to make your own. It's cool and easy to make.

This piece is really rustic because what can be more rustic than a galvanized bucket? This tree cover is inspired by a galvanized tree collar from Crate and Barrel and is made from a standard galvanized steel tub, which makes the price much lower. Your galvanized tub Christmas tree collar has some stretch. But just to make your life easier, place it over your Christmas tree base before putting the tree in place. This is important.

Tree skirts look very buttoned and neat, but if you have a tall tree it needs a solid base to hold it upright. So, remember to design a basket stand with an abaca-woven storage container and a standard metal tree stand. In just a few steps, you have a sturdy, low-key base that you can surround with pretty packages! Read the tutorial to do it.

Here's another galvanized metal idea for a Christmas tree stand! Two small galvanized buckets became stands for the mini-trees. It was really easy if you are interested in making your own mini tree stand at home. Adding a plaid ribbon makes the tree a lot more Christmassy and cuter. However, if you don't like it, just skip this step.

This tutorial will show you how to make your artificial Christmas tree look absolutely real! This stand contains a pot with soil and a pot with jute rope glued to it. Thanks to such a combination, the tree looks very real, as if it were just planted in a pot, and the planter with jute gives the room a rustic touch. The project is not difficult, it won't take much time. Make your tree super natural!

Moving or rotating a Christmas tree to show its best angle or simply repositioning it is not an easy task. Trying to move a tree can not only be dangerous, but it can also scratch and damage your floors. The mobile Christmas tree stand for do-it-yourselfers does not damage my newly refurbished wooden floors and rollers so easily. Have this mobile DIY Christmas tree set up in less than 10 minutes! With this mobile Christmas tree stand, you can rotate, slide and reposition your tree with ease! It looks rustic because it is made of wood. You can change it by coloring and painting it in different ways.

Other ideas

This photo frame and mirror Christmas tree stand cover will completely change your tree image, it's amazing! There is no right or wrong choice as to which frames to use to assemble your frame cover. You can create many different looks and styles with the frames you choose. It looks hard to make, but if you can put a photo in a frame and use a stapler you can have this Christmas tree cover finished in no time. What makes the cover really magical is that the mirrors catch and double the light as well as the number of gifts under the tree.

Who could think that an old dusty tire can be turned into a cool Christmas tree stand? This tire just needs a good spray mist and spray paint! Read the tutorial to make it for your tree and choose a suitable color for your decor. Enjoy!

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