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diy easter cakes

Easy creation of handicrafts from recycled material – TenDig diy easter cakes

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Easter is very near now and it is high time to think about what to cook for your Easter lunch or dinner. Today we're sharing some awesome DIY Easter cakes that will delight both kids and adults. I think cakes like this are a must for Easter. Read these recipes and choose yours!

With a rich lemon cake and some strawberry filling, this cake corresponds to total rabbit nirvana. I'm not joking like that! But be careful, this baby will take some time to prepare. You will love these bunny ears and your kids will be delighted too!

What can be more Easter-like than carrots? They are eaten by rabbits and can also be used for a cake. This carrot cake has a creamy frosting and is topped with some almond leaves. Looks delicious, read the recipe!

When it comes to Easter, the first thing that comes to mind is a traditional Russian Easter bread - kulich. This is a fresh take on traditional Russian bread, a carrot cake with white chocolate icing and milk chocolate nests.

A classic Italian cream cake gets a fun makeover for Easter, with a layer of toasted coconut and a handful of colorful chocolate eggs in the middle! It's an Italian cream cake bundle covered with 5 minute frosting and a mountain of toasted coconut filled with small chocolate eggs in the middle.

This hazelnut Easter cake was amazing. The hazelnuts add a lot of texture to this cake and frosting and the Easter eggs on top are just a super fun decoration. This isn't a smooth buttercream, but it's amazingly light and fluffy.

A decadent, perfectly flavored, and incredibly moist carrot cake that will take care of all of your baking needs this Easter. It's vegan and gluten free and 100% delicious and will satisfy a table full of your family and friends with their variety of diets and food restrictions this holiday season.

This cake is similar to a pound cake, but it's not that filling. It's lighter because of the lemon and I've used ground pistachios in the batter, which also changes the texture a little. It's tight but light. If that makes any sense. What could be nicer for an Easter brunch?

A super soft and aromatic carrot bundle cake with a sweet glaze; Perfect for an afternoon snack or just because you fancy cake! There is something so warming and comforting about a lightly seasoned, soft and tender carrot cake. Day two always tastes better when those flavors have had time to mingle a bit, which means this is the perfect make-ahead cake before a family get-together!

This adorable Easter Bunny Butt Carrot Cake is an eye-catching and cute Easter centerpiece for your buffet table! Your guests will love a three-dimensional, coconut-coated bunny cake that not only looks amazing, but also tastes fresh and delicious. If you bake a bunny butt cake yourself, you won't have to stand in line at the busy bakery the day before Easter to pick it up when you have a million things to do at home that day.

Mini coconut pound cake all dressed up for Easter fun! Baked in a mini Bundt pan, topped with a simple coconut-flavored icing and garnished with desiccated coconut and pastel-colored candy eggs. This pound cake recipe is another winner with a wonderful texture, lots of coconut flavor, and an incredible wealth of sour cream.

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