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easter porch decor ideas

easter porch decor ideas

Easter is next month and I bet you are thinking about some décor for both indoors and outdoors. Your porch should definitely be decorated for this vacation, especially if you are waiting for some guests. Spicing up your porch for Easter isn’t difficult. Just add a few flowers and an egg / bunny decor.


Eggs are great for Easter decorations, nothing symbolizes this holiday better! You can make a fun colorful egg topiary for your entrance or rock a real Easter tree with colorful egg ornaments! Create an arrangement with twigs and egg ornaments or just put a few brightly colored fake eggs in a regular or wire basket and voila! Create egg wreaths and egg decorations for the front door and your porch will breathe with Easter.


Spring blossoms are another great idea for an Easter porch. Rock tulips, lilies of the valley, daffodils and other flowers in various cool arrangements: garlands, wreaths or putting them in a bucket or even raising old boots or a cool umbrella as a vase, putting the first on the porch and an umbrella can be attached to the door as a wreath become. You can really fill your porch with spring blooms and it will look stunning. Such a decor is suitable for both spring and Easter. Get inspired!

I'm obsessed with pink! It's the color of little princesses, dreams and cotton candy! Pink is the most girly color ever in all its shades, and I'm sure every girl can find a shade or two for herself. As a reminder - one of them is Pantone's color of the year - rose quartz, so it's definitely time to look out for pink clothes, accessories, and even furniture. Pink furniture, especially in strong colors, can make a cool statement in your feminine bedroom, home office or closet. This is a very trendy idea.

How to redesign furniture in pink

Today I have prepared a number of ideas to make your furniture pink. Tables, vanities, desks, sideboards, and chairs are waiting for you to cover them with pink paint. I especially love pink vanities for a girls corner, they look so adorable! If you've already decided which piece of furniture to redesign, start by sanding it and possibly removing the existing knobs. Then just mix the paint to get the pink shade you want and start painting. Give your furniture as many coats as you want and let it dry. If you want a shabby chic look, sand it up a little after it's dry. Finish with a seal. Now add new buttons to highlight the new decor. Another, easier way to achieve the pink look you want is to create a pink cover for your chair or sofa and put it on, but of course it won't work for all types of furniture.

Read the tutorials below and choose the ideas that inspire you.

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