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duct tape kids crafts

duct tape kids crafts

Adhesive tape is a great material for a variety of handicrafts, from home decor to children’s toys. Today I want to share some simple tutorials to surprise and delight your kids with tape, and you can make anything from a keychain to a real toy. Let’s start

Bring your kids back to school fashionable with these adorable pet bags … duct tape! All you need is some colorful duct tape and scissors to make some of these cute accessories for your boy or child.

Bees are fascinating little creatures and extremely important to our ecosystem. The coming of summer means there will be bees, and if you have young children around it is important to teach them respect for these lovely flying insects. This simple tape bee craft is ideal for this!

There is something so exciting about new school supplies! A brand new pack of pencils and a blank notebook are full of potential and promise, don’t you think? Duck ribbon is a fun and easy way to add a custom flair, especially because it comes in so many colors and patterns that it becomes a basis for this craft.

A tape watch is a fun idea for any kid and will help them get used to watching the time and being on time. Make this reading of the tutorial!

Your kids can enjoy the easy personalization of these photo frames with creative tape. These colorful picture frames are ideal as a gift or to decorate a room. This is a simple activity that will be enjoyed by both children and adults.

This DIY mini-pattern notebook is the perfect size to slip in your child’s purse or in a drawer next to the bed. You can keep multiple notebooks anywhere as they are pint-sized!

Do you have a Mickey and Minnie Mouse fan on your gift list? Make these adorable gift card holders out of duct tape and give your gift cards true Disney style! Step-by-step instructions will help you create these holders in no time.

It’s no secret that monster crafts are one of my favorites. I made them from can lids, cardboard tubes, cereal boxes, and lots of other recycled items. This craft shows you how colorful duct tape and old CDs or DVDs can turn into fun and whimsical monsters.

Everyone knows that duct tape is very popular for a reason. It’s easy to use and a great way for kids to decorate just about anything. I had the idea to cover a foam board with tape and use it as a pin board. If you don’t have sheets on hand, you can always use a styrofoam wreath.

Small boats will keep your children busy and happy for a long time. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a small sailboat made mostly out of upcycling materials.

This cute piece of fish tape can turn into a gift topper, keychain, or anything else you want. The tutorial is pretty simple and doesn’t take a lot of time to complete.

We just need a few Disney wonders in our lives! Mickey Mouse is perhaps Disney's most popular and timeless character. He always inspires many animated films and of course many accessories and rooms. Mickey Mouse can be a great source of inspiration for decorating a nursery or a nursery, and today I want to share some of them with you.


Boys kindergartens look amazing Mickey Mouse style, I'd say they are classics. You can choose traditional red and black or navy and light blue, or try neutral colors with black or navy accents. What you need is to rock Mickey Mouse prints on walls, textiles, wall art, etc., and of course, buy bedding with such prints.


The Mickey Mouse theme can be rocked in the nursery for older kids too. Boys bedrooms can be decorated in shades of blue or navy, black and white, blue and yellow. If it's a shared room for a boy and a girl, you can try Mickey and Minnie Mouse prints and items together. Try red, black, and white for common bedrooms to make the decor universal. And of course your kids need Mickey prints everywhere: on bed linen, wallpaper, furniture, textiles and accessories, as well as decals on the walls.

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