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dried pressed flower home decor

dried pressed flower home decor

Spring is almost over and summer is coming, and these are flower seasons. You can bring some fresh or potted ones and fill your home with adorable summer flavors, and of course you can make some decorations with floral prints as well as some textiles and furniture. I offer you a compromise: decorations made from dried and pressed flowers, which are more natural and keep this flowery beauty for a long time. They will definitely add a bold summer feeling and joy to your home.

This DIY canvas wall art is made with dried flowers, and you can literally choose any flower you like, here these are yellow tulips. This is a beautiful 3D piece that will add a bright summer feel to your room. Drying flowers is required before creating the canvas, but there are plenty of tutorials out there to help you do this. Just find what you like.

In ancient times, dried and pressed flowers were kept as a memento of a special moment. But this joyful tradition is practiced by very few people today. You can dry them and leave a cool dried flower hanging for a sweet touch. Remember that whether you dry or press flowers, the natural color changes, but don’t worry, it adds an artistic touch.

You can make these dried flower ornaments with a simple glass or plastic ball, some dried flowers, and a hot glue gun. The idea is to make it look like a small bouquet or arrangement coming out of the top of the ball. Such ornaments are great not only for Christmas, but also for summer decorations – hang them wherever you want!

Garlands look great when hung over a mantelpiece, wrapped in a railing, or on a table. They are an inexpensive way to add color and texture to your home decor. Try making this DIY flower garland using dried flowers. The flowers last all season and add a seasonal flavor to your home.

We’ve already shared many creative coasters with you, but we’ve never released anything like it – fantastic summer and rustic-inspired wooden disc coasters with dried flowers. This is all about attaching the pressed flowers and covering them with epoxy to make them look super natural. Impressive!

Different potpourri can fill your home with delightful smells, and when we take potpourri with flowers the summer feeling is guaranteed! Before preparing your potpourri, you need to dry out your flowers. Gather a bouquet of flowers and tie the stems together with some string. Hang them upside down and give them a couple of weeks to dry out completely. Now read the entire tutorial to find out what to do next.

This DIY is all about preserving your flowers in an artful and creative way, or protecting them from the destructive mouths of small animals. You will use them to create a beautiful, summer-inspired decoration that will last a long time, and I totally love the look of the flowers inside – they look like they’re floating in the air!

The monogram decor is always at home and popular for various events. We therefore recommend that you create one. But of course not an ordinary letter, a special one – this sweet one will be covered with dried flowers! Spoiler Alert: This project is really simple and really amazing! Play Tetris with flowers by placing them however and wherever you want!

Sometimes flowers dry so perfectly that they are like a work of art. So why not use it for decoration? This simple, cute, charming wreath can be made in just 15 minutes! Add a cute floral touch to your home!

Linen spray is amazing for making your things smell like heaven, and not just things - you can use these sprays around the room too. This is one of those little luxuries that you can afford even if your budget is tight. When you have five minutes and a few simple ingredients, you have linen spray! There are different recipes to try. Let's look at some of the coolest and easiest to make.

Lavender is an herb that is well known to help with nervousness, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. It doesn't make you sleepy like a sleeping pill, but it does help to relieve insomnia. That is why it is an important ingredient in this linen spray.

You know the happy feeling when you smell something that smells really good? For example, when you walk into a house with cookies in the oven or the scent on your pillow when you've just washed all the sheets? Wouldn't it be cool if we could bottle it up and sniff it whenever we wanted? To be honest, the hardest decision to make is choosing the fragrance or mood you want. The actual room and linen spray is super easy, read here how!

Linen spray is perfect for making stuffy closets smell wonderful. It smells nice on your bedding too. This spray can also be used for rooms - just open the windows and use it as often as you want.

Linen spray might sound like another froufrou extravaganza that moms don't need, but that couldn't be more wrong. When our heads finally hit the pillow, we want sleep to come easily and quickly. The little luxuries of scented bedding is one of the best ways to eliminate thoughts of the school project due or what is due for dinner tomorrow.

Who doesn't like the feeling of falling on a bed of freshly laundered sheets? You know how smooth the sheets feel when they're being washed! Lavender and vanilla are equally great fragrances to smell your home. Such a soft and soothing smell, wow!

Who doesn't love the aroma of fresh pine on vacation? Spray this mist on your Christmas tree, bedding, guest towels and more. Spray your carpets before vacuuming or splash a little on the bedding you just washed before drying.

While ironing, spray lavender linen water on clothes, spray it on your pillowcase, clothes, or even furniture. Lavender is soothing, relaxing, and absolutely amazing - make this spray!

This tutorial will show you how to make two types of sprays - sweet orange and eucalyptus lemon. The former has an uplifting and refreshing citrus scent, while the latter offers a high dose of aromatherapy. Choose one or do both!

This natural linen spray recipe uses essential oils to keep fabrics smelling clean and fresh, with no harmful artificial fragrances. This scent of this homemade linen spray recipe doesn't last a full week like the traditional options, but is easy to achieve when a boost in natural freshness is required. And no bad side effects ... all good ones indeed!

Throw away those toxic fabric softeners and dryer sheets! This DIY linen spray is a safe natural alternative and will add a wonderful natural scent to your clothes. Essential oils have therapeutic properties and, when used carefully, can promote health and wellbeing by providing both psychological and physical benefits. Not only do essential oils smell good, some of them have deodorant properties as well.

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