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dollar store thanksgiving crafts

dollar store thanksgiving crafts

Don’t want to break the bank while you decorate for Thanksgiving? We have some DIYs for you! All of these crafts are made with dollar items so you don’t have to waste a lot of money, besides, they are really easy.

The first craft on the list is a Thanksgiving card holder. You need fake pumpkins and wooden disks from a dollar store, then just clip them together and paint and glitter them the way you want. Then just attach wire and cards to it.

The next decoration consists of fake pumpkins from a dollar store. Decorate the pumpkins as you wish. Here you can see tacks, glitter and polka dots. Plastic pedestals also come from a dollar store and have been spray painted.

Buy a plastic pumpkin bucket from a dollar store and turn it into a cool burlap pumpkin decoration. Fill the bucket, cover it with tape and secure it with burlap or wrap the whole bucket with it. You can also glue a stem, a real one or an artificial one.

This luscious fall wreath is made entirely of dollar supplies! Silk flowers, artificial vegetables and fruits, decorative mesh and other things are attached to a vine wreath.

A pumpkin-shaped candle holder can be covered in jute and turned into a fantastic rustic decoration. Looks very original!

But some fake leaves and a styrofoam cone make a cool decoration for fall and Thanksgiving. Glue the leaves on the cones and let them dry. Use the piece for centerpieces and just decorate wherever you want.

These cute balls can be placed in a bowl to create a simple rustic centerpiece and use as a fall decoration anytime. These are common plastic balls covered with moss, peas, and string with glue.

A bold autumn bouquet can make a lovely centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. The base is made of dry floral foam and is wrapped in burlap and accented with satin ribbon. Various silk flowers were used in the foam.

Cover common fake pumpkins with paper and add wooden sticks to make them look creative and amazing. Mix them with bold fake pumpkins and set them on a bowl for a cool centerpiece.

A vine of artificial leaves from a dollar store can be turned into a cool wreath. How? Light! Just make a round wreath wrapping the garland around as many times as you want.

Make awesome menus and cards for your Thanksgiving party by purchasing dollar shop frames and a white chalk marker. Take the glass off the frame and just write your menus with a chalk marker or trace over a stencil you printed earlier.

Place card holders are also required for Thanksgiving. Go to a dollar store and buy fake pumpkins, then wrap them in burlap. Add cards and a sprig of eucalyptus to refine the place card holders.

Do you need a fast centerpiece? Buy artificial pumpkins and silk flowers; Spray or glitter on the pumpkins. Make holes to insert silk flowers. It only takes a few minutes.

Another idea to spice up cheap dollar pumpkins is using thumbtacks. Cover the whole pumpkin with it and you are sure to have a cool decoration!

If you're expecting two babies of different sexes, or just want to design a quiet and peaceful gender-neutral nursery, you need some cool artwork to complete the space. They shouldn't be particularly bold pink or blue, they should go with your nursery theme and style, or maybe shades. Let's look at some ideas.


To make the letter easier for your child to study, you can create alphabet wall art. The letters can be common or all different letters made from different materials, shapes and appearances, they may or may not be framed, and the colors are up to you. Such a thoughtful idea!


The simplest idea is to do some prints - you don't need creativity, just choose what goes with your nursery decor. The most popular idea is animal prints, they are super cute! Various quotes, cards, pictures and other things are exactly what you need. Keep them in gender-neutral colors like mint, gray, yellow, turquoise, gold, and so on.

Other ideas

If you're feeling creative, choose a cool painting with pictures and quotes that you like: animals, constellations, maps, stars and the sun, etc. - choose looks and colors that you like. Fabric or different images in embroidery frames can be very cool and eye-catching, and you can create a whole combination of them.

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