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diys to decorate paper clips

diys to decorate paper clips

Paper clips can make great bookmarks, pens to close greeting cards, or even gift bags, especially when turned into something cute. I bet at the start of the school year anyone studying needs cool paper clips with decor. Here are some easy and cool DIYs to make clips like this – pick the decor you like and go!

DIY epoxy paper clips are easy and inexpensive to make, and you can customize your own using pretty pattern scrapbook paper. Made with simple materials, these DIY epoxy paper clips are just the nicest embellishment for scrapbooking, bookmarks, packaging, and more. They are an absolute feast for the eyes, make yours!

No need to worry about losing your space the next time you pick up a book to read with these cute DIY felt bird bookmarks. Grab your leftover supplies and add this DIY to your list of new felting crafts. With the school year just around the corner, these DIY felt bird bookmarks would make an adorable and practical gift for teachers. Or you can create the bookmarks nearby for leisurely reading.

Here is a fabric flower tutorial to share with us – these cuties will brush up on the usual paper clips. These daisy paper clips are perfect for your home office or for keeping your child’s homework together. These pretty colorful flowers are ideal for wrapping gifts or as bookmarks. Let yourself be inspired!

These little rock monsters are really fun and inspiring! These little monsters are made of stones or gems and look super cool. Wrap them up for Halloween or use them to wrap things up as a monster party! I bet your kids will be fascinated by them.

Do you like reading books? We sure do, but we love something even more – having a nice bookmark! These printable DIY paper clip bookmarks. These cool crafts for kids and with kids at heart make a wonderful DIY gift too. Now you probably have your favorite picture book somewhere in your house, right? Place the paper animal clips on the pages or on the book covers.

These adorable rainbow flamingo paper clips can be used as standard paper clips or as cute bookmarks! They are made in different colors and will remind your kids (or whoever you give them) of summer vacation and lots of fun they had. Read on to find out how to make these brightly colored resin flamingos to enhance your studies or to wrap a gift with a touch of color.

The beauty of these clips is that you can use any scrapbook paper and embellishments you want to customize to your own style. I love the glamorous and cute look of these paper clips and they really make you think of dessert, let’s go!

These paper clips with toppers are great bookmarks, gifts and much more! This is a quick 30 minute craft that your kids can easily participate in. My favorite is a cute blue bunny with a bow, and what about you and your kids?

September, which is coming very soon, marks the start of a new school year and even if you are stuck studying, take this opportunity to freshen up your workspace with these fun colorful pompom paper clips! The tutorial has full instructions on how to make such colorful pompoms, although you may buy ready-made ones. Enjoy!

The decor of the New Year's parties is very different from the decor of the Christmas party. This is mainly about metallic tones and glitter. I want to share some cool ideas for you so that you can make your New Years party shine!


Balloons are the most popular decorations for the New Year because they easily add a festive feel and are budget friendly. A bunch of balloons on the floor or on the walls can turn your home into a vacation space in a minute. Attach a bottle balloon to the wall and add a little more. To make the balloons more eye-catching, you can attach tassels or paint balloons with glitter and metallic colors.

Banners and garlands

Banners and garlands are another great idea to rock out and make your space really festive. Make them out of paper and cardboard in metallic colors and with glitter and enjoy the look! Hang them over the tables, dessert stations, beverage tables and so on. They are cute and will make your space awesome.

Other ideas

Mix up banners, garlands and balloons, add sparkling disco balls to the tables and top with rock glitter tablecloths and table runners. Metallic vases and wreaths and of course sparkling ornaments are just the thing to make your home look like you are on vacation. Get inspired!

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