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diyandcraftss despicable me home decor ideas

diyandcraftss despicable me home decor ideas

despicable me home decor ideas

With the new Despicable Me movie coming out, I bet your kids are very excited. Add some minions to your home decor and especially the kids' rooms. Today I'm sharing some ideas for adding minions to your decor in a fun way. I hope you find something for yourself here.

Wall decoration

The easiest way to include minions in home decor is to rock wall decals and wall art pieces. Find or make Minion wall decals that are more removable and post them wherever your kids want. This is a good solution for rentals. If your kids want to move the decals, they can. Plus, it's a very budget friendly solution, isn't it amazing?


Find adorable Minion furniture to enjoy! Oversized Despicable Me beds and floor pillows that can be used as beds are just what kids and adults need. Soft, fun and cozy - ideal for resting! And if you don't want to spend a lot of money, you can always turn a normal chest of drawers into a servant with a little color - easily and quickly.


Textiles are another easy idea to add minions to your home decor. Make a pillow in the shape of a minion, buy such bedding and, of course, fun carpets and various covers. You can sew and crochet them all by yourself if you're feeling smart. Get inspired!

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