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diy yarn summer crafts

diy yarn summer crafts

Yarn is a great material for various types of crafts, from crocheting and sewing to weaving and making tassels. With colorful yarn on hand, you can add some home decor crafts to make this summer livelier. I promise you will love these ideas!

Boho-inspired weavings are easier to create than you might think. Once you know the basics of making a loom over a flower pot, you are only an afternoon crafting session away from making your own woven hanging planter.

Cacti are amazing and cute plants, they are a symbol of summer as they remind us of deserts where summer is all year round. String wall art is one of the hottest decor trends right now. So let’s combine both things in one and make a cool string art piece for cacti!

In the event that you’re one of those people who wants to change up their spring and summer decorations with minimal commitment and investment, this is the place for you! That said, you have to enjoy a little clever elbow grease, but you are going to love all of the possibilities of this DIY pegboard wall art. All you need is just a breadboard and some colored yarn. Just take them and read the tutorial.

Do you need a simple and colorful rug for summer? This rug was made on a hula hoop loom using an old t-shirt for the chain and a giant ball of knitted knit. It looks boho and fun. You can also leave the carpet on the hoop and use it as wall art for a boho inspired space.

These crocheted desktop nesting baskets are made from yarn, a bulky jersey tube yarn. The bulky yarn makes these baskets work fast and make a last-minute housewarming party or even a nursery gift! Just wrap them with a candle or a small baby item and they also serve as a gift basket.

Use these leftover balls of yarn to create a set of beautifully colorful crochet coasters. These are very easy to make and there is a video tutorial! There are many colors and the print is reminiscent of a starfish, which is great for the current beach season.

Do you love boho decor? Then you’ll be head over heels for this craft! It’s a beautiful boho chic thread and hoop decoration, it won’t take much time and will be a stunning decoration for a boho inspired room. Rock the colors you like and have fun!

Summer is the time of the seaside vacation, and what can be more natural than rocking the seaside-inspired decor at home? Crochet some coasters in traditional colors: cream, blue, and gray, and add navy if you’d like – the tutorial is pretty easy.

A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism that represents the universe. In common parlance, “mandala” is an umbrella term for any diagram, diagram, or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically. a microcosm of the universe. Make your own cosmos from colorful yarn – crochet your own mini mandala according to the tutorial.

This wall art is an abstract piece with colorful yarn, looks unique and creative. The finished wall hanging is approx. 46x70cm and the author crocheted the fabric with a 10mm hook. However, you can easily change the size to larger or smaller by increasing or decreasing the number of stitches and rows. Read the tutorial to make one!

Shabby Chic is a style of decoration that was created in 1980 by Rachel Ashwell, who found charm and beauty at the flea market and restored it. She started giving modern ordinary objects a weathered and aged look to give them that charming look. We keep sharing ideas for those of you who are enchanted by this style and want to recreate it at home. Today we're going to look at how to create a dining room or dining area in a shabby chic style. It's not as difficult as you might think. The basic principles of decor are the same as for any other shabby chic room. Let's look at them.

Go neutrals and pastels

Shabby chic builds on a white background, but there are plenty of shades of white to work with. As for dining areas, usually everyone prefers to work all in white with just a hint of flowers or cream tones. Mixing lighter whites with aged whites is fine. You can add pastel colors - dusty, muted, and light blue, pink, sage green, cream, buttermilk, and any other shades you want to create a look you want.

Textures and layers

Textures and layers will make your shabby dining room interesting and eye-catching, not plain and boring. Layer weathered or aged furniture and rustic materials with ornate accents and rich, delicate fabrics. Use shabby chic metal with a vintage feel. Incorporate lace, floral textiles, add crystal chandeliers or lamps for a French landscape feel.

Combine shabby chic furniture

Gather all of your flea market items, old found objects and other things and give them a new life according to the shabby chic interior you want to get. Try to figure out the look before doing this in order to properly combine the furniture. Use whitewashing, aging, and weathering techniques. Tinkering some furniture and other items yourself will give you a cheap look.

Find the right shabby chic accessories

Shabby chic is all about accessories. So choose them carefully to suit your ambience. If you can't find one, just search for tutorials on the internet and do whatever you like with old things. Wall art pieces, statuettes, fabric art, lamps, and other things can be easily hacked or renovated to match the shabby chic style. Enjoy the ideas we came up with to inspire you and create your own charming shabby chic dining room!

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