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diy world map artworks

diy world map artworks

Why am I posting world maps now? Since everyone is back to school and wants to inspire your kids to learn geography, dreams and travel, you can add a world map somewhere in their room. Let your child or yourself feel part of the whole world, hang a world map piece of art somewhere! Here are some do-it-yourselfers to make a project like this a quick one.

If your interior is rustic, you can make this cool world map for your home or kindergarten. This is a world map made from pallet boards. Choose different ones or use surfaces to give them different hues and I love the weathered and aged look of the boards. The world map is painted in color – you’ll need a stencil to make it. Let yourself be inspired and create!

Create this easy DIY world map wall art that is perfect for a modern and elegant look. It looks glamorous and chic and everyone who visits will stop by and enjoy it. The idea is to take a white board or a piece of cardboard and put a cork world map on it but first of all it gilds the world parts for a shiny and cool glamorous look. You can opt for different metallic tones or prefer a strong color – let yourself be inspired!

Beautify your room with a beautiful world map! This project is very simple and does not take much time. All you have to do is find the finished pieces of the cork world map. Then simply attach the card to your mural beforehand or leave the cork unchanged. When you’ve been somewhere, take brightly colored pushpins and put your goals on the cork or mark the places you want to go. Keep on dreaming!

If you love wood but want a more modern look, this tutorial is for you. This is a wooden world map, the wood is light-colored and the map is stenciled with dark spots. Print out a card template. Trace the world map with carbon paper between the printed map and the wood. The stain that you will use later will cover the traced lines. Read more details on the tutorial and download the tutorial from the source.

The easiest way to create world map artwork is to print it out! This tutorial includes a template that you can download and print out in any color. Then just frame the map and color it lightly – write down what you like or mark the countries you’ve been to. Let your kids mark the places they want to go in the future. Get inspired!

Here is a shabby chic style world map ideal for a farmhouse or a vintage interior. The piece is stenciled on a sheet of wood, although you can use canvas for this. The piece is framed and its worn look makes it sophisticated and chic. Read about how to give your world map such a look in the source and get inspiration to create your own.

Got a sheet of plywood? Turn it into a cool world map! In this tutorial you will learn how to stencil a world map on a sheet of plywood with white paint and frame it if necessary. Read the list of supplies and techniques to create this cool world map for your home decor.

Here’s another simple print project – this is a black and white world map with calligraphy and letters. The tutorial includes a printable version for download and some instructions on how to frame it and hang it on the wall. Read the project, make it a reality, and add colorful pins to the places you’ve been.

The boho chic style has conquered the world and more and more free-spirited people are also using it for home decor, their outfits and event decor. If you want to decorate your home in this style for Christmas, you may need some ornaments to recreate a wild boho-chic Christmas tree decor. Today I am sharing the coolest and easiest DIY boho Christmas decorations. Just read them through and repeat them to get your tree free spirited!

You will love this step-by-step tutorial for a dream catcher ornament that would look so cute on a boho Christmas tree! Dream catchers are totally boho-chic, they will immediately bring the right mood to your room, and such ornaments are very original. You can really customize it and make this dream catcher ornament look the way it suits your style. Feathers or no feathers, neutral or colored, you name it!

Crystals have a moment - and why shouldn't they? Whether you believe in their healing and relaxing properties or not, we can all agree that they are really pretty to look at. So it seemed natural to dust your Christmas tree with some crystals as well. If you want luxurious details while still maintaining the bohemian charm of the crystals, wrap rose gold wire around them - because if you can't be a bit more on vacation, then when?

Are you looking for a delightful alternative to traditional Christmas tree decorations? Look no further! Here is a great tutorial with amazing hand painted Christmas boho ornaments. Visit your local craft store, grab simple cardboard and wood ornaments, assorted acrylic paints, and head out into town. It helps in choosing a color scheme that you want to use to give it a cool look. Stick to simple patterns like stripes, triangles, and dots to add a cool geometric feel to your ornaments. Read the tutorial and watch the video to create them.

Tassels and fringes are traditional elements of the boho decor. So why not make these DIY boho tassel ornaments to make your tree wild this holiday season? They have large tassels, wooden beads, and two tones - dip them in any color you want to brighten up! Read the tutorial to find out how to make them.

Feathers is all about the boho chic style. So learn how to make simple DIY macrame Christmas decorations for your glamorous or boho vacation home this year! They scream boho lux and decadence and if you want, you can embellish your feather Christmas ornaments with some metallic stems and a lace ribbon. Hang them on your tree or use them to decorate your gifts!

Here's a cute Christmas craft idea that you can create in minutes and even involve the kids: These are oh-so-simple, boho-inspired hoop Christmas decorations! Tires always guarantee your craft won't be difficult at all, and these are quick and easy and perfect for those of us who love a stylish yet rustic feel in our homes during the vacation. Make them in just 10 minutes and start decorating!

Are you ready to decorate your Christmas tree? Or maybe add a few embellishments? These boho chic ornaments have an asymmetrical look and minerals for extra shine! With a few simple tools, you can make your own mini treasures to decorate your wall or tree. The great thing about this project is that you can make a number of them as gifts and make some of them to keep yourself! You (and your fifteen) could choose to hang them on the wall and display them all year round, isn't that amazing?

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