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diy wood slice christmas ornaments

diy wood slice christmas ornaments

Wood discs are a great craft material, they can be used for thousands of craft projects, and today we’re going to inspire you to use them for Christmas. Let’s take a look at how to make different wood disc Christmas decorations and what pieces to make.

Making truly unique Christmas decorations can be expensive, but this tutorial will show you how to make unusual ones without wasting a lot of money. These DIY wooden disc ornaments are made using the decoupage technique and the choice of looks is only limited to the number of cool napkins you have on hand. Read the instructions to do this!

These cool ornaments have a strong Scandinavian feel and a cool modern and edgy look. They are made of white and gold paint and vinyl to make them look more eye-catching. In addition to geometric ones, you can also write quotes from your favorite Christmas songs with gold paint.

Don’t have much time to do handicrafts? Then this craft is exactly what you need! Grab some wooden discs and some postage stamps you like and stamp in as many cool ornaments as you need. Such pieces also make a cool Christmas present, get inspired!

These cute wooden disc ornaments are made from vinyl stencils. You can buy ready-made ones or make them yourself and create cool animals or other pictures on your wooden discs. Rock strong colors to try out!

Table pieces are amazing! I love chalkboards everywhere – from the kitchen to shopping lists to the home office where you take notes. Here’s another super cool idea – panel wood slice ornaments! This is a great idea as such ornaments are completely changeable: you can change pictures and quotes at any time. They can also act as coasters so give them as gifts too!

If you are familiar with wood burning, or at least want to try it out, these cute wood burned Christmas decorations are for you. Take some wooden discs, a wooden tool and get creative – make snowflakes, Christmas trees, mugs of hot chocolate, candy canes, and so on.

If there is no snow in your place, making snowmen and snowballs for home decor is a nice idea. Take some wooden discs and turn them into snowmen with the right color. The crafts are pretty simple and your kids can make some themselves – what a great Christmas activity!

We’ve already told you about some stamped wood disc ornaments, and here is an easier idea of ​​using stamps and wooden discs. The latter are the cheapest and coolest material that ever existed. Here you will make some ornaments with words, choose the ones related to Christmas and make them!

Christmas is the family holiday of all time, and it is natural to include cozy family touches in the Christmas decorations. Turn a few rounds of wood, some everyday craft supplies, and a photo or two into cozy, handcrafted keepsakes that you will love to hang on the tree for years to come.

Don’t have time to do all that difficult wood burning and painting chores? No problem! In this tutorial you will learn how to turn wooden discs into ornaments with a simple marker. The only trick is to add a sealer on top to avoid damaging your text or image. Get inspired!

These ornaments were made with deer clothespins, but you can also use different pieces or just cut out some 3D silhouettes with a cutting machine. Add glitter and paint to your wood discs and paint them if you want to make the ornaments amazing.

The butterfly chair, also known as the BKF chair or the Hardoy chair, is a style of chair with a tubular frame and a large loop that is suspended from the highest points of the frame, creating a hanging seat. The sling was originally made of leather, but can also be made of canvas or other materials. What's so cool about this chair? It adds style to the interior and you can change the cover as often as you want. Today I want to share some cool butterfly chair covers that you can make yourself and give a new life to your old chair. Don't forget that you can also spray the base to match the new look. Let's take a look at the projects!

Make a vintage butterfly chair work for your kid's room! The chair cover is made from leftover IKEA fabric and flannel fabric that has been recycled from sheets. Such a piece is a great idea for a little cozy reading nook that you can organize for kids. Get inspiration to make one!

The original butterfly chair was made from leather. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a leather cover to give it an original look. The cover consists of 1-yard leather and a matching fabric. I highly recommend rocking some catchy printed fabric and making a pillow out of it too. This is a great way to spice up the austere vintage look with a bold, modern twist.

This chair cover is one in patriotic colors and notice the red star pillow! The old cover has been removed and integrated into the new bold blue - yes, don't throw anything away, you can use it too! The authors also made a red pillow with a white star on it - it's a great craft for the 4thth from July or just to give your home a patriotic feel.

I'm totally in love with this bold butterfly chair cover and the renovation of the piece on the whole! The chair is painted gold and the cover is bright blue with prints. Just add a crochet pillow and a toss of faux fur to create a boho feel! The craft is not difficult, but the result is amazing - such a chair will freshen up any room and bring that vintage boho touch that is so on trend right now.

Even if you don't have an old butterfly chair cover to use to make a new one, no problem! Just take this tutorial and download the pattern for a standard butterfly chair. Here are the instructions on how to make a brown leather armchair cover. Although I would prefer faux leather, it's up to you. Read how to do it and decorate the base of the butterfly chair to make it stylish.

Get a striped IKEA fabric and a neutral or black fabric to make this cool and simple butterfly chair cover. All the crafting isn't expensive, especially if you already have enough fabric on hand and can make a black or neutral base. Make a coordinating pillow and enjoy sitting in the renovated chair!

The last project for today is made of printed fabric. Get an old butterfly chair cover to take a sample from it. Remember that the outer fabric should be durable and rough enough to hold your weight properly. For the carrier, you can use the same fabric for the carrier or use neutral fabrics. Download the tutorial and make this cool cover!

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