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diy watercolor christmas crafts

diy watercolor christmas crafts

Watercolors are a romantic and beautiful decorating idea that is mainly used in spring and summer as it is mostly about watered and semi-transparent colors. Can watercolors be integrated into Christmas and winter decorations? Yes sure! We’ve put together some easy watercolor crafts that go with Christmas, ornaments, artwork, gift boxes, and tags – welcome!

This tutorial shows you how to watercolour a Christmas wreath – it can be used as a work of art or as a card. This is a holy Christmas wreath with lots of greens and berries and it looks very cute. Check out the tutorial and do it – even a beginner can handle it!

These mini gift boxes are decorated with watercolors – if you have small gifts this is for you. The boxes are decorated with watercolor candy canes, ornaments, evergreens and other things. They are very easy to make. You can even invite your kids to make them. You will have a lot of fun painting in watercolors.

This tutorial will show you how to make 3D rhombuses using watercolors. You can use it to make ornaments for your Christmas tree or an advent calendar. You can also use these rhombs to make some hangings to create Christmas decorations. Choose different colors, add metallic numbers and enjoy your holiday decorations with a charming touch of color.

I love clay and salt dough decorations – they are so cute to make and your kids can partake in them. You can make some with Christmas cookie cutters and then paint them with watercolors – such pretty and bright Christmas ornaments will add a pop of color to your Christmas tree. You can also give them to your friends and have a fun kids activity.

If you have some wood or cardboard ornaments that are simple or the look of which you just don’t like, this is an easy and quick way to paint them with watercolors. This craft shows you how to use bright watercolor stickers to decorate your simple Christmas ornaments – the result is bold and cool! Make as many as you want and decorate your Christmas tree or give them away.

Take some transparent glass ornaments and use paints to make them a bright watercolor. The base of the ornaments is white and they are decorated with bright watercolors with random patterns for a chic and bright modern look. Read the tutorial to find out how to make them and add color to your Christmas tree in style.

These beautiful cardboard Christmas decorations are decorated with watercolors. Take cardboard, stamp the ornaments, then paint watercolor Christmas wreaths in green with pink and blue dots here and there. Of course, you can’t go for wreaths but other stamped images that you have. Get inspired!

Watercolor Christmas cards are nice to give to your friends and family. This tutorial will teach you how to paint some cute watercolors to say hello to your lover. The pictures are simple and cute and you will totally enjoy taking them. Have fun!

This pretty party garland is not only suitable for Christmas or NYE, but also for other holidays. The garland is made with pieces of watercolor and some glitter tape, it’s a cool and bright idea. There is a detailed tutorial to design this fun decoration, check it out and decorate your room for a festive feel.

In many countries, stockings have always been a symbol of Christmas. This is a nice idea to use to decorate a mantelpiece, Christmas tree, staircase, or anything else. You can make stocking ornaments and whole garlands, rock them in different colors and shades, and knit, crochet, sew, or do nothing from this list - just upcycle something to make a cool stocking. Today's roundup is dedicated to these cool items and lots of ideas to make them.

Do not sew Christmas stockings

This tutorial will show you how to make Christmas stockings without sewing - what a great idea for those who don't like to sew! Some kerchief, faux fur, and hot glue are all you need to make this one. Such a craft will not take much time.

Upcycling some old sweaters to make these amazing patterned Christmas stockings! Such a craft doesn't take much time or effort and you will recycle unnecessary clothing. Rock all kinds of colors and patterns you like and decorate your mantelpiece!

These stockings are not sewn because they are made of paper! Heavyweight, crepe paper, tissue paper, and tinsel are all you need to make these fun, colorful and shiny oversized stockings. Oversized decor is very popular these days, and you can see more and more DIYs for such a decor. Give your decor an edgy feel with these stockings.

Another quick craft can be realized here: no sewing stockings with checkered accents and faux fur. Remember you will need enough hot glue to make the stockings secure. Add a white fluffy garland of pompoms to your mantelpiece to match the stockings.

Buy some simple stockings and decorate them with bold colors and fabric without sewing. These are made with black burlap, green ribbon, and some decorations. Personalize them to your liking to make the stockings look the way you want them and hang them on the mantelpiece.

Sewn and knitted stockings

This tutorial will show you how to make cool red, black, and white Christmas stockings. There are all kinds of prints that we like: chevron, stripes, plaid, flowers, polka dots, and even pom-poms to add a cute touch to them. Make a whole pack of these and decorate your mantelpiece this traditional way.

Velvet is the trend of the year and you can use it to create chic and cute stockings. This stocking is made of creamy velvet and glitter and looks very sophisticated. A star monogram ornament is appropriate, but you can skip this step or add the ornament that goes with your own decor.

When you've chosen a rustic style for Christmas decorations, make these simple burlap stockings out of white fabric and add pine cones and berries to them if you want - or just leave them as they are. These burlap stockings can be turned into a garland to decorate your mantelpiece or tree.

Like glamor? It is high time to style your stockings in glamorous style! These are made of imitation suede in the monograms pink, white and gold, the fringes are fun and the color combination is cute and glamorous. Add golden pompoms to the stockings and enjoy!

Here is another rustic style idea that is harder to come up with than burlap but looks cute and beautiful. These are plaid stockings with snowflakes - it takes time to make, but the result is very cute and cozy! Use all the colors and combinations of plaid that you like.

Buy simple Christmas stockings and decorate them colorfully, for example with a rainbow! These stockings are made of colorful faux fur and decorated with colorful felt rainbows - what a chic idea to add a touch of color to your room!

Add a touch of whimsy to your home with ice cream cone stockings. Yes, this is not a joke - these are colorful ice cream cones! Make your favorite ice cream and sandae ideas a reality with these colorful and fun stockings and both children and adults will be delighted with them.

If you want something extra special, make these mixed print fur stockings. You will see a lot of different fabrics here, including faux fur, and in fact, you can use all kinds of fabrics that you like to mix colors and prints that you enjoy. Make them super moody and enjoy!

These simple modern gray monogram stockings are for those who are good at knitting. You can leave them as they are or decorate them with faux fur, lace, ornaments, evergreens, or anything else you like. The colors are up to you too, here you see gray and red.

Make simple white felt stockings, sew them very quickly and decorate them with colorful pompoms and hangings that you like. You can add ornaments, pine cones, evergreens, and other things that you like - plain white felt is a lovely backdrop for anything you want to add.

These elegant dark green and burgundy embellished stockings will take some time to complete, but they are well worth it! Decorate them with floral prints, quilted Christmas trees, beads, tassels, and similar things to amaze the stockings.

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