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diy water bottle totes slings

diy water bottle totes slings

Summer is the hottest time of the year when you just can’t live without water for long. Take it with you! To make it easier for children and adults to carry water, you can make a water bottle bag. This is a small bag that you can take anywhere and that can only hold one or two bottles. Let’s take a look at some simple projects to make such a bag!

This super easy-to-sew loop can be made in no time! This pouch holds a 16.9 ounce bottle. However, it can be easily adapted to your favorite bottle. Read the tutorial, follow the steps, and bring the water with you next time you’re out! It’s also a great way to carry your empty bottle until you find a trash can or until you find a place to refill and reuse your bottle.

This no-sew, DIY water bag isn’t just for the festival season – you can wear it for a hike or a creative spring date too. A small pocket on the front holds your cash, phone, or ID for a lightweight and adorable all-in-one bag. It’s a great idea to carry your bottle in style and add a bright touch to the look. Have fun!

This loop is sewn for a Tupperware water bottle and contains the corresponding measures. However, you can also customize the bag for your bottles. Sew the bag according to the instructions in the source and add some straps for convenient carrying. I love the color of the fabric – it looks like denim!

This ultra-simple water bottle bag is made from normal canvas and decorated with a colorful zigzag seam. The only difficulty with this is that you should have a sewing machine to make this brightly colored seam. Take some very light colored yarn to do the seam and enjoy your bag!

Make this bold and cool water bottle bag for your kids! The piece is made of auto printed fabric as it is a boys version while you can also make a girls version with a floral or other glamorous fabric. The bag is very convenient for carrying cross-bodies and the dimensions are given for children. Help your kids stay hydrated while playing outdoors!

This DIY water bottle bag is a colorful and pretty piece of floral fabric and features a colorful monogram. The piece makes a very practical gift for anyone that is easy to carry around on short walks and carry separately when your hands are loaded with books and supplies, or when you ride a bike or something. Get inspired!

This cool water bottle sling not only has room for a bottle, it also has a super long strap to carry on the cross and a tiny pocket on the front. The fussy cut is almost invisible and just big enough for some cards, cash, and keys. The inside is lined with fleece to provide some protection from heat and cold and to absorb condensation.

This water bottle bag is very convenient to use as it has a spout and elastic band that allows you to carry the bottle more safely, even when you are playing sports or just very active. Your bottle won’t fall out of the loop. Read the tutorial and do this functional piece and voila!

The nautical style is a beach and coastal classic that never goes out of style. If you want to decorate your seaside or beach house, if you want to give your usual home a beach feel, there is nothing like nautical details. Today I'm sharing a number of DIY nautical decorations that you can quickly make for a coastal feel. Get inspired!


Textiles are among the best ideas for freshening up home decor because they are inexpensive and can be easily added or removed. That's why we start with pillows, and the first project is about a cute sea pillow with a large white felt fish on a navy background - a perfect seascape, as navy + white is a classic sea combination. The idea is to make a pillowcase in navy blue and add a whitefish applique. Read the tutorial to make one.

Denim is always on trend and you can complement classic nautical combos like navy / blue + white. This is a tutorial on upcycling and sewing pillows with upcycled denim and other fabrics. The cool thing about these pillows is the different stripes here and there for an inappropriate and bold look. Let yourself be inspired!

This bold and contrasting anchor pillow made of striped and polka dot fabric in navy, white and gold. Such a bright and moody shaped pillow is ideal for a nautical inspired guest room or family room - add some decorative seashells, some wood paneling and a coastal room is ready.

Make a bold pillow with anchors and a touch of love - a little red heart on it! Make a marine pillow, then stencil it with anchors and a heart - the tutorial has detailed instructions on how to make a stencil and apply it to your pillow. Anchors are timeless, there is nothing more sea-like than that, let yourself be inspired!

This nautical pillow duo is a wonderful idea for a house on the coast! These are a turquoise whale pillow and a marine pillow with a large boat application. Read how to make a whale-shaped pillow and how to add appliqués to the second piece and amaze your home with it!

Coasters and trays

Jute or sisal rope is a very coastal idea, and when you use them for crafting your space will instantly be inspired by a beach. These cute coasters are made of jute rope and decorated with a touch of colorful yarn to make them more eye-catching. The craft is very simple and won't take much time, enjoy your coasters!

These cool coasters are made of cork and come with various nautical images - a steering wheel, an anchor, and the like. The pictures are colored or cork-colored. It's up to you whether you go all white for a bright look. Check out how to make common cork coasters bold and cool with stencils and paint.

This DIY is super easy and the result is a cool nautical tray with anchors. That's magic! A common wooden round is transformed into a white painted tray with dark blue anchors and elegant vintage handles. You can opt for rope handles or change the colors - for example, add red for a nautical feel.

This rope gutter is a great idea for the nautical panacea. The do-it-yourselfer needs three things: rope, sewing machine and thread. Really that's it! Honestly this is a really, really simple sewing project, anyone can do it, but it takes patience, a lot of patience.


This buoy garland can be used not only for the home but also for the decoration of events: it is the perfect accent for a dessert table, a fun setting for your ceremony or even a photo booth. The buoys are made of cardboard and painted in traditional nautical colors: coral, marine, white, although you can try your own combination.

This colorful buoy garland immediately gives any room a nautical charm and looks so cheerful! The buoy garland consists of foam balls that are painted in light colors and with a rope in between. The whole look is very nautical, hang it wherever you want or decorate your party with such details. This is a very easy and quick craft.

Make a garland or a door with hanging fish! This is a super easy craft if you already have a fish printed fabric - you can just darn the fish and that's it. If you don't have fabric printed with fish on hand, make some stencils to print on the fabric. Read the tutorial to find out how to do that, or how to stuff the fish you have and get inspiration!

Other ideas

These lights are ideal to give your room a nautical feel and cosiness at the same time. Take the glasses you like and add fishing net and rope to them. If the glass is plain, you can color it in yourself. See the tutorial for instructions. Add some decorative sand and a tealight, and voila!

Make a cool cotton rope basket that you can use to store different things in each room - such a cool nautical all-rounder! The project includes some instructions on how to weave and knot the rope to form a basket. Even a start can do this. Get inspired!

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