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diy vintage frames

diy vintage frames

Frames are an indispensable part of our home decor. They allow pictures, jewelry, keys, even dishes, and mirrors to be displayed if you so choose – they can help you display anything! You can create gallery walls out of it, or just accentuate a room with an oversized framed wall art. Today I want to share some vintage frame DIYs and uses that will add sophistication to your space and the piece you are showing.

Prepare cotton batting, some silk, a primer, paint, a small brush, glue, vintage frames, your jewelry, and sandpaper to create a vintage-framed jewelry display. Lightly sand each frame and remove any gloss. Then quickly wipe the frames with a damp cloth. Use a small brush to apply a primer, let it dry overnight, then apply two coats. Use a smaller artist’s brush to bring the color into the “carved” detail. Spray paint with a built-in primer would make this job easy. Cut a piece of cotton wool and silk slightly larger than the base and pad it. Wrap the fabric tightly, push the pad back into the frame to check fit, then tape the batting and fabric to the back. Secure with tape while the glue dries. Staple next to the carrier so that the staples do not go through the carrier but hold the carrier in a kind of friction fit.

How do you turn an ordinary metal picture frame into a vintage one? Add some vintage style chalk paint! Paint the frame with two paints of two different shades, ivory and blue. Let the paint dry for 1-2 hours between each coat. Let the frame dry for 24 hours after two coats. Then gently apply a sheet of fine sandpaper to the surface to create a worn appearance where both colors are visible. The only thing left was to choose a pretty motif and frame it.

Another super original idea is to make a vintage frame out of a belt. Unreal right? First, determine how big your frame will be. The belt edge of the frame needs to be small enough to hold your picture and glass, and you need to be aware that the overall frame size will then add the width of the belt to itself. After your belt pieces have been cut we can build the back frame. Measure the outside dimensions of your belt pieces and cut a plate to that size. Then cut off some spacers to glue them to the plate and hold our leather pieces away from the plate enough to match our picture and glass. Glue the frame back together, leaving one top open so you can replace the picture in the frame. Once the glue has dried, you can slide your picture and plexiglass into it. Depending on the space, you can add wrapping to keep the image flat.

Do you need more ideas? Read the tutorials below!

It's cold, there is already snow in some places, but this time it's magical and romantic. It's the most cozy time to gather around your fireplace and enjoy hot chocolate with those you love. Not only is a fire starter a way to start a fire outside, inside, or on your patio, it is also a cool gift for a wedding, party, or other occasion. They are easy to make and can be kept for as long as you like - a perfect idea for fall or winter! I've prepared a whole bunch of home improvement to make fire starters that are cute and gift worthy. They look very cute and chic. Let's take a look!

Pine cones

The most popular idea is a pinecone fire starter. What can be more natural than a pinecone fire starter? These pinecone fire starters are so simple and satisfactory to make. By adding essential oils like eucalyptus, pine or cinnamon, you can make your whole home smell amazing and cozy. They also make a great housewarming gift, stamping some muslin tags and tying them to the wicks.

To start a fire, you can make exciting pinecone firelighters that smell slightly like cinnamon. Pine cones look cute and a slight scent of cinnamon is ideal for feeling the Christmas season or autumn, making your space inviting and welcoming at the same time.

If you live in the mountains or are planning to visit a mountain area soon, go on a pine cone collecting mission. Then gather a large quantity of pinecone fire starters for your own use and give them away as gifts. The process is simple and takes no more than 30 minutes. I love the bright green color of the fire starters, it makes your fire happy, doesn't it?

These simple DIY fire starters are a must have for your fireplace - they will look great and will fill your home with the scent you choose. Of course, if you have one of these wall-mounted fireplaces, you cannot smell overwhelming smells. I love the cute pink shade of the fire starters which is very glamorous. Enjoy!

There is nothing more relaxing than snuggling up to a flickering fire after a long day. Make the job easier with the help of a fresh smelling fire starter that pops up under your logs or the fire pit in the back yard. If you have pine cones in your neighborhood, this DIY is basically free. The fire starters are naturally scented with dried rosemary which is a great and warming smell. Feel it!


If you know someone with a fireplace - or even a backyard chiminea - they'll love these spice and herb fire starter packs. You need 5 minutes to do and smell amazing. A perfect Thanksgiving hostess gift! The natural smells of cinnamon, orange, apple, lavender and rosemary instantly create a mood and ambience. So cool!

If you have a garden, an herbal fire starter is a great idea! All you have to do is gather the ingredients and tie them together with some string. Let them dry in a warm place with a nice airflow. Do not burn poisonous plants such as poison ivy, poison, poison sumac, and oleander. Also, if you are allergic to a plant, make sure you don't include it in your kindling mix.

This fire starter is great! The aroma of sage, lavender and thyme is a wonderful change from a normal campfire and also helps repel insects. This fire starter would also make a great hostess gift for anyone who has a fireplace or wood burning stove. Wrap him in a cute doily and gift.

Other ideas

These simple and cute fire starters include wood chips, beeswax pellets, and mini paper liners - nothing that is expensive or hard to come by. There is also a video tutorial that will teach you how to make them and how to create a stylish cover for storing this fire starter kit that is great for carrying or giving away to people. So cool and so environmentally friendly!

Ignite your enthusiasm for the outdoors with this fire starter kit. It makes an adorable gift for anyone and is small enough to take with you on your many adventures. The glass keeps the matches dry so you can strike the perfect flame every time. Also, the overall look of the Firestarter kit is very chic and stylish, everyone would be happy to receive such a gift!

This fire starter is a very stylish and cool idea! It is not made from pine cones, but contains lint, newspaper, toilet paper rolls, candles, string, herbs and wax. Download the guide and make these fun newspaper candy with fire starter content and make your fire amazing with a strong or light herbal smell.

If you want those sparks to go up in flames, these fire starters are a must have. With just a few supplies you likely have around the house, these summer staples are almost free and work just as well as any store-bought appetizer. The fluff ignites quickly and the wax slows down the burning time. These starters will burn for 15 to 20 minutes - plenty of time to light your firewood and start your fire.

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