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diy valentines day string art

diy valentines day string art

String art is very popular and you can see more and more tutorials with hearts like this here and there. Today I offer a number of prank tricks that are suitable for Valentine’s Day to come. Yes, most of them are hearts and I promise you will love them!

What can be more natural for Valentine’s Day than XOXO letters? Make a cool string work of art with these letters! There are two large letters made of pink and red thread, although you can change the colors to suit your space. Looks cute and cute, great for valentine’s day decoration.

This cute heart string art is special because there are 3 hearts! You can create an interesting ombre combination or go for very bold colors – it’s up to you. Read the tutorial and make the artwork out of baker’s twine – so easy and cute!

More hearts for Valentine’s Day! The artwork is in red and the heart is shaped with thread, but in a non-traditional way: threads are just around the heart and it is left uncovered. The nails are in gold to refine the combination, but you can go with your own colors.

What I love about this heart artwork is that it is glamorous and glitzy. The piece is made of glitter yarn, and you can add some extra rhinestones too. The combination of red and gold is timeless, and gold glitter stands out strongly against a red background. Have fun creating!

This cool string work of art is made on a mint colored wooden board and looks very bold and cool with a textured red heart! Read how to do it and use it to decorate the room for the vacation – so cute and fun! I especially like the idea of ​​a mint backdrop, it’s so refreshing.

Get some metal thread to make a cool modern piece of art work with a big heart. Metallic hues are very popular for home decor, and using metallic thread for decoration is a great idea. A bold red background and metallic gold make for a bold conversation starter!

This cute and little string character is for those who have already found a loved one. It’s a sign with monograms and a heart. You can customize it to your liking, use any colors and try different sizes. Present it to your lover as a gift or decorate the room for your special dinner just for two – it will surely delight him or her!

This is a cool and bold piece of art with a contrasting look – there is a bold red heart on a piece of neutral plywood that looks very bold and interesting. This is a classic piece of thread art, pretty big, and it speaks for itself, though you can add a few words of string to it.

Surprise your beloved with a non-traditional work of art! This character includes some calligraphy and string art stars and moon – looks unusual and very cool. You can rock it in whatever colors you like or keep it neutral like in the source.

Here’s another super cool string artwork, this is a chalkboard with the iconic words “Be Mine” made with pink thread. Looks rather funky and cute, can be used as a decoration or a gift or both. Get inspired and make one for your love!

Constellation and galaxy decor is a popular idea today and is not only used for everyday decoration, but also incorporated into various Christmas decorations. As we all prepare for Halloween, it's time to check out some galaxy-themed pumpkins. Here are some tutorials for constellations, carved or just decorated.

Carved and drilled pumpkins

A pumpkin constellation is a chic and unusually sophisticated decoration for Halloween. This tutorial shows you how to drill a pumpkin and give it a constellation pattern: you can watch a short video for more details on it. After the painted lines dry, put a coat of Mod Podge mother-of-pearl spray sealer on to give the pumpkins a slight shimmer and voila!

Here is another constellation pumpkin drilled, and you can use a number of strings of lights in the pumpkin, with some being pushed into the holes actually drilled. This looks really beautiful and helps highlight the different constellations when dusk falls or when you keep the pumpkin indoors in a dimly lit room. However, don't worry if this seems either too messy or too fiddly - when it's really dark the pumpkin will glow everywhere and all the stars will appear.

Bring a little bit of night sky to our pumpkin exhibition this year and make some drilled pumpkins with constellations! You can make a couple of smaller pumpkins with different constellations on them, or find a large pumpkin and make a couple of constellations on one pumpkin. Paint them black and mark the constellations with orange for a contrast and a cool look.

Not all jack-o-lanterns are created equal, as evidenced by this carved constellation masterpiece. With a little cunning ambition, a pumpkin, keyhole saw, and a few other things, you can do it yourself! The pumpkin is large and has many constellations at once, or you can opt for a large masterpiece and make smaller pumpkins with different constellations. Have fun carving!

Here's another pumpkin drill that doesn't require a pumpkin painting - just a Scorpio constellation. You can try different constellations that you like and not only use a real pumpkin like this one, but also an artificial one. Put in some small tea lights as they are wide, flat, and light to get a couple into the base of the pumpkins at a time.

This oh-so-simple geometric design adds a modern twist to the classic Halloween jack-o'-lantern. This drilled pumpkin sparkles and shines thanks to a pop of color and your favorite constellation pattern. Creating the perfect drilled pumpkin design has never been easier. With a drill bit, a constellation expression, and some candles, you can enjoy a beautiful constellation design.

This tutorial will show you how to make a real galaxy gourd! The project involves a lot of painting and covering the pumpkin with brightly colored glitter to mimic a galaxy and then drilling it. Make sure you are using the correct lighting so your pumpkin doesn't get too hot. Try LEDs for smaller pumpkins.

Here is a simple tutorial on drilling pumpkins to create a constellation with lights inside. The pumpkin itself is black and the accents are orange, it's a chic and sophisticated black and orange piece for Halloween.

Don't carve pumpkins

This constellation gourd is even simpler: it doesn't require carving or drilling at all. This is a black pumpkin decorated with white pearls of two sizes and white colors - nothing difficult. Just draw your constellation and cover it with white paint marking the stars with white pearls of various sizes.

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