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diy valentines day marquee items

diy valentines day marquee items

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I bet everyone is preparing to choose gifts, create decor, and think of a menu for a special dinner. Today’s recap is devoted to Valentine’s Day decor, more specifically marquee signs and other decorations – you can make not only signs, but decor, pillows, and even a cake! Marquee lights are very beautiful because they add a retro feel and coziness to the room – lights always do. Ready to check out this craft? Let’s do that!

The first craft is about a heart shaped marquee – it’s a purple heart with marquee lights, looks so cute! The tutorial is pretty simple and cute, and the sign will be a nice decoration not only on Valentine’s Day but also afterwards. Make one!

Emojis are ubiquitous on all social networks and in our messages, and it’s a cool and modern idea to make one for the vacation to come. Of course, this is a loving emoji with heart-filled eyes! The lights are placed in the heart-shaped eyes to make them stand out even more. Do it and hang wherever you want for eye-catching decor. Have fun!

This pink-fuchsia-purple marquee is the cutest Valentine’s Day decoration I’ve ever seen! It is also suitable for wedding or engagement decorations. The letters are made of polymer clay that is painted to look ombre and bright. The words “For Like Ever” are cute and very romantic. Hurry up to make this cute sign of the vacation to come!

Here’s another Valentine’s Day marquee, and it looks super glamorous! This heart-shaped sign is studded with gold sequins, which makes it a great idea for Valentine’s Day, Galentine, engagement, and wedding decorations – who doesn’t love cute glamorous accents? Read how to make the sign and give your room a romantic feel.

Love glamor? Then you’ll enjoy making this marquee light sign – it’s pink with metallic LOVE letters and lights. The sign is very cute, it can be a nice gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend, not just a decoration. You can change letters for others who are related to Valentine’s Day for you. Enjoy!

Take a heart-shaped chocolate box and turn it into a cute golden glitter marquee! No words are added, just glitter and lights inside, looks cute and pretty. Such a decoration is always relevant for glamorous rooms and only for those in love. Make one and enjoy the soft glow that comes from that heart!

This marquee is large and made of foam sheets. This is the word “loved” with lights – so cute, so beautiful! This sign is great for any type of celebration, is neutral enough to fit in any room due to its neutral color and simple shape. It is exactly what you need. After the holiday, it will still be a nice decoration!

We saw a lot of marquee decorations, but a marquee cake? So unusual! Decorate the Valentine’s Day cake with marquee lights to make it extra special! This craft contains a ready-made cake covered in buttercream, but you can make it yourself. Decorating with edible confetti and lights is a very noticeable idea. Read the source for how to do it.

Here’s another cute Valentine’s Day idea, and this is a marquee pillow! A common pillow is decorated with a mesh tube tape and LEDs. The word is LOVE in calligraphy. You can make a heart or something else related to Valentine’s Day. Looks interesting!

All of the celebration that takes place at this time of year always seems to result in an excess of leftover wine corks. Take advantage of them by turning them into fun Christmas decorations. It is high time you made something for Christmas! Making wine corks is easy, cool, and anyone can do it, including your kids. So let's look at what to do.

This wine cork Christmas tree with lights will definitely add a festive look to your home. It is particularly suitable for kitchens and wine bars. Not only do you need to allow time to create these beautiful trees, but you also need to have time to drink the wine!

This DIY wine cork Christmas tree ornament is pretty simple, but you can always add a pop of color by swapping the thread hanger for a colorful ribbon. To make the ornament even more festive, you can even use a little glue and add some shimmery glitter to get the look of freshly fallen snow on your ornament!

This freestanding star could sit on top of the fireplace. The intention was Christmas decorations, but it turns out the star will look great all year round! The finished ornament is covered with white paint, but you can also add glitter or other colors.

Here's another idea for turning extra corks into a cork Christmas tree with a string of lights. It's so easy to do and will totally impress all of your guests. The piece is quite large, luminous, and covered with a ribbon and bow.

Pour yourself a glass of Pinot Noir (except for the cork!) And plug in your hot glue gun - we have tutorials on wine cork angels and deer ornaments to help decorate your Christmas tree this year. All the tutorials are pretty simple and can be co-created with children.

These simple wine corks are the perfect vacation boat for kids of all ages, and they're very versatile! Whether it's a Christmas dinner or a cute addition to your Christmas decorations, these cute DIY trees are easy to open!

This pretty mosaic tree is made of cut wine corks attached to cardboard. Such a cute decoration can be hung on the wall or placed on a table, decorated and painted to your liking.

Reindeer help Santa Claus get into place and without them there is no Christmas! Make a cute wine cork reindeer with your kids. Decorate your cork reindeer with a pompom, beads and googly eyes and you will get cute ornaments.

A snowflake made from wine corks is a decoration that can be enjoyed at Christmas and throughout the winter season. This simple craft is inexpensive and can be made in an afternoon. They can be used as place card tags, favors, decorations or ornaments, and you can even include the kids.

If you've been collecting wine corks for a long time, you can probably make such a cute wine cork wreath for the coming holidays. All you need is a wreath shape, wine corks, glue gun, and ribbon. You can also add different types of decor to the wreath - from pompoms to glitter.

Here is a cute Christmas tree made from wine corks, a small table version. A coil can be a base for it, and wine corks of different colors will be the tree itself. Add ribbons, stars, tags, and any other decor you think is appropriate.

This wreath does not require many wine corks, is snowflake-shaped and painted blue. The process for this wreath is super easy and you don't have to raid the craft store to make one. You may already have plenty of supplies at home.

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