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diy tablet ipad stands

diy tablet ipad stands

Many of us have tablets and iPads today, and watching videos or reading content on your tablet isn’t always comfortable when you can’t hold it more or less vertically. Make or buy a stand to hold the piece and comfortably watch cooking videos in the kitchen, watch your favorite shows, and read books if it’s an e-reader. Let’s look at some easy DIY ideas.

Wood and plywood

This simple and elegant tablet stand is made from a piece of plywood and is very convenient to use. It doesn’t take long to make, all you need is some sandpaper and a handsaw. You can also add a finish if you want – a stain or color of your choice. So easy and so fast!

This stand is made from Douglas fir, looks stylish and chic, and fits many tablets, phones and e-readers. Make one quick and easy and add a chic dark stain for a classy feel, and voila! The size is yours, it’s quite big here, you can go for a little piece.

This piece is exactly for those who love to see something while doing kitchen chores: the stand is made from a wooden cutting board. Attach some wooden wedges to the cutting board to hold your tablet. The board should be slightly larger than the device. Read some details to make one for your kitchen and enjoy!

This creative stand consists of a whole combination of different woods: cherry, maple and purple heart. They were cut from a set of cutting boards and then glued together to create that chic striped look. Such a tablet does not take up much space and lies flat on the table. It’s pretty creative and cool. Find out in detail how to do it.

Make a small and comfortable stand out of a piece of wood – so easy and so fast! Take a small piece of wood, drill holes suitable for the tablet, and then color or paint it as you like. The article also works well on a phone, e-reader and much more!

Get some wood to make this chic tablet stand with some metal holders! This stand was made in a few minutes and secured with metal screws. It is painted white, although you can go for any color or stain you like. The piece is a bit rustic and fun, make one to keep your table comfortable!

Go modern chic with some linden tree! Make sure your basswood is thick enough for your tablet to be safe and do some crafting. Find out how to attach these pieces of linden tree and then color them to make a tablet stand out. Color it dark to make the stand look laconic and modern chic and enjoy!

A modern collapsible tablet stand can be turned into a chic and cool one if you hack it a little. The piece is renovated with gold glitter paint and patterned paper, not very difficult! Read how to disassemble the piece and then reassemble it and brush it up for fun. The resulting piece looks a bit glamorous and rather retro.


Do you want some fun? Make this bold and cute cardboard squirrel stand! You will need a lot of cardboard to cut out lots of squirrels that you will be gluing together. The tablet is placed on the back and tail of the animal. The piece is unfinished, although you might add a face and other things or paint it in some way, or you can give it to your kids to get creative.

Do you need a quick and easy tablet stand? Make something out of cardboard! The type of cardboard with 2 corrugated layers is enough for this project. The whole project is about cutting and gluing a piece of cardboard and you will be doing it very quickly. Enjoy!


Do you need functionality? Make a tablet case and stand in one (or it can be used for an e-reader). The item is made of cardboard and covered with fabric with a floral print. However, you can use any substance you want. The good thing is that your tablet is 100% safe in this cover and stand. Have fun with one!

This tablet or reading stand will add a moody and fun touch to your room as it looks like a fun striped and colorful pillow. This is a small beanbag that is filled with polyfil so that it can hold your tablet comfortably. Keep in mind that children or pets may drop these as the holder is not 100% safe.

A quilt-weight fabric was used to make this cover and holder for a tablet or e-reader. It won’t keep the piece very vertical, it will be more horizontal, but I totally like it, especially for reading, and the gadget is held with an oversized button – not very secure but still cute and quick to make. Get inspired!

Here is another super colorful and funny beanbag for iPad or tablet. The piece consists of very colorful printed fabric and is decorated with a small bow, the filling is polyfill. Check out how to create one to add a bit of fun to your space for fun.

Fall is officially here and I'm sure you are looking for ways to add coziness and comfort to your home decor. Adding comfy fabrics, fake fall leaves, and pumpkins is a great idea to add a cool fall touch to your home. There's an easier way too - make some cute fall art pieces yourself and hang them in different rooms to give them a chic look. Here are some ideas you can put into practice.

Grab a few fall items to make a work of art: fall leaves, acorns, and twigs to create cute wall art. All you need is to make some canvases and attach the pieces the way you want and then display them. What could be nicer than a wall art piece inspired by nature?

September means it's time to create fall and Halloween themed crafts and decor. To make these super simple pumpkins, or actually half pumpkins, you will need some foam pumpkins and a gold leaf pencil. Such a craft works well for a fall or Halloween party, or just for fall decorations.

Garlands look great when hung over a mantelpiece, wrapped in a railing, or on a table. They are an inexpensive way to add color and texture to your home decor. Try making this DIY flower garland using dried flowers. The flowers last all season and add a seasonal flavor to your home.

Rustic decor screams will fall, and if you're looking for something cool and bold this cross-stitch stitching done right through a lovely piece of lovely basswood is for you. It's the word "fall" here, but you can change it for Thanksgiving, "Halloween", or something else. Such a mixture of rustic decor and cross stitch is a beautiful and unusual idea.

Fall is the time of the cool breeze, the leaves changing color, a legitimate reason to bake a cake, and make cool works of art. This DIY is something that can be easily adapted to suit any decor or holiday. It's a piece of moss, moss is very natural and goes very well with falling, and a moose is also very fall-like, but of course you can choose any other animal.

These cool pieces of art are easy to make and look cool. They fit well in a children's room because they are bold and cute, but of course you can also decorate a room for adults. The pieces are completely seamless and can be easily made with glue.

Faux animal heads, especially deer heads, have become a very popular home decoration in recent years. Make this colorful deer head out of fabric for a unique and unusual fall decoration that is traditional at the same time because it is a deer head even though it is imitation.

Here's a cool idea to do a pumpkin wall art to complete your fall decor. This is a round frame with a wallpaper background and half a pumpkin. A styrofoam pumpkin is a good idea for this wall art piece and it looks in 3D.

This birch shade box is 3D, it is a cute tree with autumn leaves, it is inspired by aspen forest. Looks very autumnal and not difficult to create as the tutorial includes free printouts.

To celebrate the change of season, it is appropriate to show you how to draw a pumpkin with pastel colors. Pastels are very versatile and adhere well to pre-primed canvas. They also work well over color. Mixing with water will lighten the color of the pastel colors. You can either wet the surface and draw on it, or you can draw on it and walk over it with a damp brush.

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