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diy summer string art

diy summer string art

I know what you are going to say: the last month of summer has come and we don’t have much of it left, but let’s enjoy it like it is never going to end! So today I’m sharing some cool summer-inspired DIYs – they’ll help add to your favorite time of year. String art pieces have become a huge decor trend, and if you like them as much as I do, you’ll love these amazing summer string art pieces and get inspiration to make one or more. This is a super cute and easy way to add a stylish piece of art to your home without breaking the bank. Forget about using string art with nails and a piece of wood, hammer and saw off your pretty little fingers! Let’s take a look at what we need to inspire you.

What can be more summer than a beautiful cactus? Follow the instructions to create this cool cactus piece of art, and you can do it on a chalkboard to leave some messages under the cactus. The craft is not difficult and won’t take much time.

Not only is this gorgeous tropical leaf made using the string technique, it is also ombre to show off all the beauty of the leaf. The colors are chosen so carefully that this sheet appears to be a real one! Try making your own using the tutorial.

If you’re a boho and a free spirited person, you might like this idea: a feather artwork. The feather is held in white on a rough, dark piece of wood, which together looks heavenly.

This is another feather string work of art that looks no worse than the previous one, but here you can see a different outline, pearly colored strings, and some noticeable wood that isn’t that dark. And of course it looks great!

Make a beautiful and large string work of art with the word SUMMER – what could be better to improve your mood, even if it’s autumn? The piece is made of a yellow string, but you can switch to any other color you like or that symbolizes summer for you.

Here is another cactus string art – this one is big and blooming! I love the color combination and the look of the big cactus on the board, do you? Do you feel inspired to do the same?

String Art is back on a big way! Combine it with the cactus and succulent trend and you have the perfect idea for a cactus party decor! It’s that simple and can be easily created on a number of surfaces with just a few household items. This project is so easy and makes a great interactive party activity too – and this cactus is super cute!

These prank arts can be done with kids and make a cool activity for them! There are different patterns and many colors to try out. Be careful with your nails.

This string wall art is made in all the colors of the rainbow! His word DREAM is an amazing motivator for every season and occasion, not just summer. And these colors will definitely lift the mood!

Butterflies are really cute, they are not just summery, this is a great print and they will look for any girly space – from the littlest ones to the grown up girls! Do this beautiful blue butterfly string art and beautify your girlish room with this chic piece!

A headboard can make a bold statement in any bedroom, it can accentuate the decor style and colors you use. If your bed doesn't have a headboard or doesn't match your space, you can make one yourself. Here are some easy tutorials to help you create a bold and creative headboard. Let yourself be inspired!

The first project is technically not a headboard, but a piece of art on the wall, although we can also call it a headboard as it is right above the bed. Everything from hexagons to triangles has become popular in recent years, and you will see them all in the resulting art. I'm a bit obsessed with the shapes and colors and I hope you get obsessed too, enjoy yourself!

String works of art are now very popular. So why not turn your headboard into a string piece of art? Such a headboard is a good idea for a minimalist, Scandinavian or just modern bedroom, and you can vary the color of the strings used. You can either attach the headboard directly to the wall or to your bed frame. Have fun!

Color blocking is a very trendy idea to add color to your space and of course you can implement it anywhere you want, including in bedrooms. This lacquered colored plywood headboard is a fun idea to add a pop of color to your bedroom space and it is very easy to make. Vary the colors to your liking and make your bedroom trendy and bright!

Vintage frames add a sophisticated feel to any room no matter how you use them. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to upcycle a frame into a headboard - it's very quick and easy to create! Such a gorgeous and exquisite headboard will add sophistication to your bedroom. When the part is ready, put the headboard where you want it and press the bed against it. If the headboard sits too low, stand the SUVs on the ground and place the headboard on top.

You can make a DIY headboard out of almost any decorative wall panel. Take some measurements and attach the panels to the wall at the head of your bed. This headboard DIY project is easy to complete, can be installed in less than an hour, and is affordable! You can also paint the panels however you like if you want to add a touch of color to the bedroom.

If you've gotten into the cozy, ornate look of fluffy, woven wool roving projects - but keeping the warp and weft threads in mind makes you dive for the blankets - then we have the perfect project for you. This DIY headboard swaps out a loom for a strategically cut piece of canvas, meaning any aspiring fiber artist can pull off this soft and squishy statement piece - even without prior weaving experience.

This pretty and colorful headboard is made with MDF cutouts and vintage flower petals. It makes your bedroom bright, chic, and a bit vintage, and such a headboard can be styled and redesigned as many times as you want - just change the fabric under the panels.

If you need a headboard idea with a relaxed and modern feel, here is a proper tutorial! In this project, we will teach you how to make a cool modern headboard with pillows that will make reading in bed very comfortable. I love the combination of jeans pillows, a copper holder, and leather loops if you do too - just go to the source to make them.

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