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diy summer pillows

diy summer pillows

Summer is here and although we spend most of our time outside, summer should be felt inside as well. To freshen up your space for summer, you can repaint the walls, reupholster the furniture, or add some colorful wall art pieces. However, there is another super easy way to add summer vibe to your home without breaking the bank and hassle with a few brightly colored pillows. This is usually a very simple craft that does not take much time and that you can change at any time of the year. Here are some DIYs.

Pom-poms are bold and fun, we love their soft and colorful look, and decorating a neutral pillow with pompons is a great idea. but this time I don’t mean cover the edge of the pillow – cover the whole pillowcase! The look will be moody and boho, which is exactly what we need for summer. Read the tutorial to find out how to attach this fairing.

Gold leaf has been around for quite a while and you can apply this trend to your home decor. Make a cool pillow in dark green or any other dark hue and add gold leaf pineapple with a stencil – dark hues and gold leaf create a beautiful contrast, and pineapples are really summery.

These tropical leaf pillows are perfect for spring and summer decor. They can be rocked both indoors and outdoors, and tropical leaves are timeless – they won’t go out of style. Beautify your place for this summer and feel the tropical breeze with these monster leaves!

The patchwork decor looks very boho-chic and cozy and goes well with a rustic, shabby-chic or retro interior. Make this colorful patchwork appliqué pillow in bold summer colors and prints. Here you have pink and floral prints, but you can choose other colors too – fill your home with cozy and colorful summer tones!

What can be more summery than strawberries? This strawberry pillow is just the thing to make your room summery. This project combines 3 different techniques – fabric painting, appliqué and sewing in one project. You can overlay a few different techniques to create something really unique. Just because this pillow uses some techniques doesn’t mean it is difficult! This is a great project for someone with basic to intermediate sewing skills.

Watercolor is another hot home decor trend, and if you like it, it’s high time you used this technique to dye neutral pillows. I really like the summer inspired colors: pink, blue, yellow, they just scream the sky, the sun and juicy fruits. Watch the video tutorial and make your pillows for this summer!

Watermelon is no less summery than strawberries, and using such a print for summer decoration is a great idea to freshen up and add a cheerful touch. Take a white pillowcase and some neon markings and make a watermelon slice pillow – no difficult dyeing or sewing required!

Wind turbines are the epitome of summer, aren’t they? And they’re such a staple food for quilters. Even if you’ve never quilted, you can make windmills without needing any advanced sewing skills. Check out this pinwheel pillow tutorial!

What about some bold food-themed pillows for your interior renovation? These circus animal cookie pillows are going to nail it! They look like delicious cookies and are decorated in bright summer colors. I can’t think of anything better to freshen up your interior. Plus, they fit into the room for children or adults.

A metal headboard was the most popular idea for centuries because of its durability and cool appearance, and artisans created real masterpieces for various types of metal. Nowadays a metal headboard is no longer so common, but such headboards look no less spectacular and cool.

Vintage and shabby chic metal headboards

A metal headboard is a must in a vintage, rustic, or shabby chic bedroom. You can find all kinds of fake beauty here: vignettes, flowers, butterflies, various beautiful curls and bows that will grab your attention. They can be whitewashed, aged, patinated, worn, or just a little rusty. When you buy a metal bed with a headboard, you will find creations so stunning with all kinds of patterns that you will never look away! If you have an old headboard, you can always add an aging cover for the perfect look. Such a headboard creates an ambience like no other detail in your shabby chic bedroom. This is usually a girlish choice, but there are some cool rusty headboards out there for guys who love vintage chic.

Modern metal headboards

Modern metal frame beds usually have simpler modern metal headboards. Slim shapes, no excessive details, direct lines and sculptural beauty - these are modern metal headboards. They usually capture you with laconic beauty rather than fancy details and are also available in different designs, from classic brass to modern steel. Such headboards are often chosen by men for their den bedrooms, and they will suit a boy's or adolescent boy's bedroom as well.

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