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diy suitcase makeovers

diy suitcase makeovers

Summer is the time for all kinds of travel, and a suitcase is necessary for this. Whether you want to spice up the suitcases a bit for on the go, or reuse them for storage, making new furniture, and even dollhouses, you will love these DIY enthusiasts! I’ve prepared a roundup of ways you can spice up, or at least personalize, your old suitcases to look cool and easy to find at baggage claim. Read to see them all? Let’s go!


Take your suitcases and renovate them in a style that will make your luggage stand out at any airport. In this tutorial you will learn how to make botanically painted suitcases out of ordinary suitcases. Don’t forget to prime the suitcases with gesso before you paint, and then just follow the directions in the source to make them wow. The result is trendy and very girly, don’t you think?

Make a new and bold one out of an old suitcase by just using some paint of the color you like. This tutorial will show you how to change the look of an old piece and, if necessary, the details too. The final bold pink color is amazing and the contrast with a vintage design is cool. Enjoy!

If you fancy bold shades and prints, enjoy bright colors, and love having fun, this tutorial is for you. Here’s how to turn some common and uninteresting suitcases into a festival of bold colors and patterns. One case is striped and the second is a flower case, both in the same colors, which makes them a perfect duo. So great for a summer vacation, I’ll try this idea out!

Such a suitcase can be used for traveling and just for decorating rooms, as its sophisticated vintage look immediately adds a sophisticated touch. The piece is painted and stenciled with letters for a cool, sophisticated feel. Love the colors and the elegant letters, wow!

If you like cartoons or your kids love them, then consider freshening up a common suitcase for traveling or storing children’s toys in it. This one is decorated in the Judy Hopps style by Zootopia and of course shows one of the most current things – carrots. Find out how to paint such a bold suitcase and let your kids decide what to do with it.

Spruce up a regular or even a colored suitcase to fit in your children’s room. What you need is to paint it white and then use a standard black marker pen to draw whatever you and your kids like. Try different pictures and looks and use your kids’ favorite cartoons to make the suitcases cooler. Enjoy!

Use some black paint to personalize a standard vintage suitcase with elegant letters. Such a piece is great for decorating an event, room or photo shoot, and the whole project won’t take much time. Get inspired and give your suitcase a quick makeover!


Do you love to travel? Don’t miss the opportunity to show it off! Decorate your suitcases with cards – vintage or usual – and attach them to the suitcases. You can also use Map Fabric to align them if you want. The tutorial also includes this information. Meet quite a number of such suitcases for your home decor or even travel with them.

Put together an arrangement of cute flower boxes with various retro-printed fabrics. Use decoupage techniques to cover them up and make them look super pretty. Such suitcases can be used to add a retro flair to home decor or to travel in style. Let yourself be inspired and design the cool suitcases in vintage style.

This funny and cute suitcase is ideal for photo shoots of all kinds and also for decorating. The piece consists of hearts cut out of printed fabric and attached to the suitcase. You can also paint it somehow beforehand or leave it as it is. Enjoy!

This suitcase has bold applications and is ideal for a child’s room – check out these fun and colorful birds! The appliqués are birds, leaves and the sun, but you can vary the look based on your children’s tastes and preferences. They will be eager to keep their toys in this suitcase, cool idea!

Other ideas

This cool and cute suitcase is decorated with embroidery and looks very cool. It’s not a good piece to take on the go, but it’s perfect for vintage-style storage. I love the pink flowers embroidered on it and the vintage feel it brings: it’s ideal for storing sewing or handicraft accessories, for example. Get inspired!

An old liner sometimes spoils the look of the suitcase while looking great outside. This tutorial is going to show you how to modify it for a cool, renovated look. Of course, you can also repaint the case. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy your new suitcase!

If your vintage suitcase is looking too dull due to boredom or old lining, it’s high time to upgrade it. Get some brightly colored ribbons to change your suitcase and make it special – a project like this won’t cost you much. Get inspiration and renovate an old piece to give it a new life.

Everyone needs privacy sometimes, including your pets. Build a cool and adorable home or animal shelter so your dog can stay outside and hide when there is too much sun. After building the house, do not forget to add comfortable pillows and pillows.

This crooked dog house from ana-white.com is a nice and simple idea. The shape is more traditional and consists of plywood sheets and wooden boards; The roof is sloped to prevent rain from spoiling the plywood.

This classic dog house can be easily built with wood siding and planks. This is a traditional shape, and you can paint or color it in whatever colors you like.

The geometric decor is very trendy, so you can build a geometric dog house out of birch veneer. Such a fun capsule will suit any modern indoor or outdoor space, and your pet will relax and sleep in style.

This isolated A-frame dog house is reminiscent of a common human. It is suitable for a small to medium-sized dog with a 9 square foot base. It's pretty easy to build, and shingles outside will protect it from moisture or excessive heat.

Always wanted a tree house? Maybe your dog wanted it too! You can build a real tree house for your pet in the garden by attaching a platform to the tree trunk and adding stairs.

This plywood dog house with a shingle roof is another classic outdoor option. It's pretty cozy, you can vary the size up to your dog's sizes and paint it however you like.

This oceanfront dog house is great for a coastal garden or patio, decorate it with seashells, paint some fish and other marine stuff on the walls.

This stylized dog house is a great addition to any modern interior. It can also be used inside and outside. If you don't like white, paint it a different color.

The final piece for today is a super-simple plywood dog house - just a standard item that can later be decorated and painted in a variety of ways. It's a cool idea for those who don't have a lot of building experience.

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