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diy star christmas ornaments

diy star christmas ornaments

Stars are very popular for home decor and especially for Christmas decorations, they are a bit traditional. We’ve already shared some star decorations for Christmas, and today I want to add a few more – these are star decorations! You will find different materials, craft techniques and colors, and the good thing is that most of these decorations can be made with children. Let us begin.

These salt dough ornaments are so easy to make and perfect as a Christmas present for teachers and staff. Children can make these salt dough decorations themselves and they will turn out beautiful every time. Just a friendly reminder to keep these out of the reach of pets (they can be especially toxic to dogs) and young children who might want to put them in their mouths. Turn it on to personalize it or do it like in the tutorial!

Looking for an easy DIY Christmas decoration? Paper decorations are love! There are so many ways to manipulate paper, there are endless options for colors and patterns, they are inexpensive and kid-friendly. And if they break, they won’t hurt anyone (at least nothing worse than a paper cut). These pretty 3D paper stars are easy to make and look stunning. Thread a piece of cotton and hang it from the ceiling or prop it up on a mantle for a festive fireplace. This is a simple holiday decoration that looks great as a garland, hanging on a branch, or simply leaning against a wall.

This cute and rustic glittery string star Christmas ornament will add some glamor to your Christmas tree. It’s easy to do so much rustic style! What I love most about this type of craft is that it’s all about imperfections: none of them are the same. The string is imperfect and the pattern is imperfect. Making the stars with wire is so imperfect but when you finish them you will definitely fall in love!

Not only are stars traditional at Christmas, everything revolves around holidays when it comes to bells. This Jingle Star Christmas ornament is a creative and bold idea that combines two traditional things into one. Decorate your Christmas tree, hang it on a door, make it part of a Christmas decoration or just add it to a Christmas package. This jingle star is sure to catch your eye!

Looking for a fun and easy DIY vacation for this weekend? These chalkboard decorations are super simple and can be personalized any way you want! Chalkboards are great to personalize – you can chalk anything you want, and they’re also great as gifts, gifts, or even gift tags! Read the tutorial and make some table decorations for your home!

If you love vintage and shabby chic decor, these DIY antique paper mache star ornaments are just the thing to decorate your tree. These are perfect for painting in gold metallic and then topping up with a distressed layer of cream. These ornaments can be made for under $ 10 and in a few hours. It’s easy! Learn how to make these beautiful stars from the tutorial in the source.

In need of some quick and cool Christmas crafts? These simple, rustic star decorations use wooden beads and some wire. You can even add some glitter for extra Christmas shine, then you can add glitter or ribbon or use larger 8mm beads. Personalize your Christmas decorations according to your wishes and use them to rock your Christmas decorations.

Getting the house ready for Christmas can be a budget challenge. Here is a nice and economical way to make cute star decorations with items around the house. It’s a great craft to do with your kids. Just get some Tetrapak containers and off you go!

I love clay decorations! This tutorial will teach you how to make some pretty and chic. These clay decorations are embossed knitwear. They would make great gift toppers as well as tree ornaments, and you could even make tiny ones like in this pin and put them together into a cute star garland. So cute!

Do you need some paint? I have a nice idea for you! This is a star Christmas ornament decorated with colorful sequins, it can also be used as a gift topper or a tree topper. The craft is very simple: do it with hot glue and sequins – there is nothing difficult. Let yourself be inspired and give your Christmas tree a shiny touch and strong colors!

Here is another tutorial on how to make star-shaped Christmas decorations out of clay. They are made in two ways: a glitter-framed poinsettia and a hand-painted clay poinsettia, red and white, are a great combination. Add a red ribbon and hang your ornaments on the tree to make the Christmas tree super personalized and bold. Use them as a gift topper too.

Do you need a simple Nordic decoration? Here it is! Make these star-shaped Christmas beads out of wooden beads – they are easy to make and will complement any Scandinavian space. Read the tutorial and do some!

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