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diy spring washi tape crafts

diy spring washi tape crafts

Washi tape is one of my favorite craft materials because it is very easy to buy, cheap and incredibly easy to craft, even children and unskilled craftsmen can make it. There are many colors and patterns to choose from, and you can make your own, so washi tape is perfect for different types of spring decor. Let’s see what you can do with just one washi tape.

Creative clocks are the right pieces to add an accent, and a bold clock is a great idea for spring decor. It will definitely liven up your interior. Check out the source for how to make this colorful washi tape clock.

There are thousands of ways to decorate eggs for Easter, and here’s an easier idea to do it – with washi tape. Take a washi tape of different colors and patterns and just stick it to the eggs to make them bold and cool.

You won’t believe how easy it is to customize a simple vase for spring! The whole craft is to wrap the washi tape around the vase. It’s easiest if you pick a part that’s pretty straight up and down, not a curvy section. Otherwise, it will be difficult to put on without it wrinkling.

This colorful wreath is of course dedicated to Easter and is made of plastic eggs. Decorate them with washi tape before attaching them to the wreath and you have a fun and daring piece! Add colored tape according to the washi tape colors and voila.

Add a splash of color to your home with decorative tape that is easy to remove, e.g. B. Redesign vases. Adjust dreary bottles, vases and mason jars in no time with a few strips of colorful washi tape – perfect for a quick spring freshen up.

Carrots are one of the symbols of spring and Easter, and you can make some with standard spools of thread and bold washi tape. These carrots can be used as card holders or just as a decoration for an Easter table decoration.

This wreath is a great spring! The craft is pretty simple, all you need is a wreath shape and a mint colored washi tape. Cut it so that each piece is a leaf shape and overlap the leaves as you attach it. The wreath is a very simple craft and includes the time of year.

These tea lights are not only adorable, they are also economical. Find them for sale and grab your washi tape. Combine patterns and tealight colors. Have fun and decorate for spring.

Mint cans are great! You can reuse them for almost anything – a pill box, hairpin holder, craft supplies – and larger ones can be reused as a mini sewing kit or even to stash your credit cards in your clutch bag. Read on to see how easy it is to make your own upcycled mint jar.

Pallets are very popular for crafting, and you can use craft sticks to mimic them and make small coasters. Cover them with colorful washi tape to upgrade them for spring.

Take the usual plastic eggs and fill them with candy and other stuff for Easter. Then cover them with various washi tapes to make them bolder and cooler – it’s such an easy spring craft!

Haunted houses and entire villages are great for Halloween decor, they are traditional and go with many Halloween decor themes and styles. No need to buy one, you can easily tinker some without a lot of effort or money. Check out these projects and get inspired building haunted houses for your Halloween decor!

Create an entire haunted village with this tutorial! In this project, we will teach you how to make these houses out of black paper. There are 5 different types of houses so you can make them the same or different. Then add spooky trees and other details to make your village scary and voila!

This haunted village consists of usual bird feeders! Take some bird feeders and paint them black to make them scary. Then add small details to the village - pumpkins, lanterns, lights, mini-people, and even animals. If you use LEGO your kids can play with this village too! Make her happy with it.

Make a cool haunted house with blackboard paint! This piece of cardboard is covered with blackboard paint that allows anyone to chalk on it. You can write a few simple words for Halloween or let your kids turn the house into a real work of art with colored chalk.

This pretty bell reminder screams Halloween! It's a bell with moss, a tree made of twigs, and a haunted house made of cardboard. The house is covered in black glitter, which makes the display more original, cooler and sparkling. Read how you can easily and quickly create such a cloche for Halloween and enjoy!

This is not just a haunted village, these are lights! The houses are creepy and seem to be moving, they are made of felt which gives them a lot of texture and makes them cooler. I love the dim light they give - your party decor will be scary and mysterious with these lights! Read how to make them and create an entire village for Halloween.

Here is another Halloween light fixture for party decorations! This is a black haunted house with lights, a black cat, and a pumpkin, and there is light in it too. The house is a finished piece, although you can build a house yourself. Turn off the lights and enjoy the faint glow in the dark - it's so mysterious!

Get more lights for your Halloween night! These lights are made out of regular paper - you just cover the existing candle holders with black paper and drill some holes in them to show off ghosts, witches and other stuff. It's all about drilling bigger holes, using black paper, and then just turning off the lights! Here you are - you have a haunted village!

We're used to building and eating gingerbread houses for Christmas, but what about Halloween? Why not build a Halloween house too? This tutorial will teach you how to build a gingerbread house for Halloween and decorate it with purple frosting, cookies, and other things. This is a fully edible and beautiful haunted house for Halloween, so unusual your guests and children will be amazed!

This ultra modern black haunted house features white decor and some creepy dolls! The house is ready for the kids to play with, and it's pretty easy to do with the tutorial. Your kids will play happily with it and have a fun Halloween!

This amazing haunted house is great for Halloween! It's not just a decoration or a light fixture, it's a haunted house used for Halloween candy - make the kids happy if they have candy taken from a holder like this! Making this Halloween candy box is very easy with cardboard. So do it quick and enjoy!

This haunted luxury house is a treat box too! It's made of cardboard and filled with Ferrero Rocher - what could be tastier? Not only is the house black, it's painted in dark colors, which gives it a textured and moody look. Check out the tutorial and make this cool candy box for the holiday to come!

This haunted house decoration can also serve as a lamp! What I love about it because it's really quick to do - it's not a real house, it's just a facade and its looks are pretty creepy, like from that famous Nightmare Before Christmas movie! Read on to find out how to make the piece and add a mysterious and scary touch to your Halloween decor!

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