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diy spring pompom crafts

diy spring pompom crafts

Why do we like pompoms? Since they are soft, cute, and fluffy, and easy to make, you can make them in a variety of colors and shades. Today I put together some cool pompom crafts that you can do for spring that will make your spaces softer, more colorful, and more inviting. I think everything is improved by adding colorful little balls of fluff. Let’s start!

These adorable DIY pompom placemats add a fun and charming touch to the table and are incredibly easy to make! You can add a lining if you want, which will make your pompom placemats a little more stable. Enjoy and stay charming!

These baskets are a great addition to your home for storing toilet paper in the bathroom or blankets in the living room. You can even fill a few bobble baskets with flowers for your wedding ceremony or use them as decor for your reception.

Think happy! These colorful DIY flowers are made with pompoms, soft leather, wooden sticks, and glue. They will improve your mood and make you happier, and they are pretty easy to implement. Take a look below!

Spring pillow? Yes, please! Here is a palette of orange, red, blue, and pink pompoms that are used to make a pretty bouquet. The pillow itself is a strong blue, but you can opt for a different shade. Make your sweet spring floral pillow and bring flowers in!

Pom-poms are too perfect not to love, and they add a pop of color and texture to simple items. In this case, a pile of leftover white fabric placemats was upgraded to pompom napkins with pastel pompom trimmings!

These flaky pompom dandelions just scream spring! Create a whole bouquet of such flowers and make a spring artificial flower arrangement that won’t wither, so great!

Spring is here and it is high time to celebrate it with a beautiful wreath! This mint colored one is adorned with large multicolored pom poms and you can do it in just a few minutes. The colors are up to you, choose your spring inspiration!

This DIY is great for parties! If you want to add a little more fun and color to the table then this is the perfect DIY for you. You can make these pompom napkin rings any color, and there are many different variations that you can create.

Pompons can be used to decorate your vases or mason jars. Take colorful fabric and add pompoms and pom poms of your choice to these covers for a cool, vibrant look. Add your favorite flowers and enjoy!

Easter baskets are always a must for a great Easter. You wake up and crawl down the stairs and there is this wonderful pastel colored basket full of chocolates and goodies. Decorate your Easter baskets with colorful pompoms and have fun!

The great thing about these paper bunny treats is that they quickly cost almost nothing and are a delightful Easter gift. Fill them with candy and decorate them with fluffy pompoms for a cute look.

Ever want to add more interesting pillows to your space but need more than your budget allows? Feel like sewing your own but are sad about the range of fabrics available at local chain stores? Enter the mini pom pom. The end result is three unique pillows that are sure to cover the distance in more than one room in the home.

Creating your own natural detergents can be fun and is certainly healthier than their toxic counterparts. This DIY toilet cleaner allows you to make your own simple and effective non-toxic cleaner for one of the dirtiest places in the house. Most commercial toilet cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can pollute your home environment and create potential health risks. These recipes will help you clean your sink naturally.

There are just a few things that just need to be done - like cleaning the bathroom regularly. But that doesn't mean we can't find ways to make it easier! The author of this tutorial discovered a simple trick to keep the toilet clean and the bathroom smelling fresh - no gloves or clothespins required! All it takes is five ingredients and the drop of a quick-acting DIY toilet bowl cleaning bomb. It contains baking soda for natural cleaning, essential oils for a non-toxic scent that keeps your toilet smelling clean after every flush, and hydrogen peroxide, which kills a large number of tiny pathogens in a toilet bowl.

Most toilet cleaners contain harsh ingredients that cause serious eye, skin, and respiratory irritation. In addition to sulfates, which can trigger asthma attacks in asthma sufferers. Is it a sufficient reason to make a natural toilet bowl cleaner? This cleaner contains vinegar, which has at least a hundred different uses and really works wonders as a cleaner. Not only does it deodorize and clean, but it also helps remove rust and hard water. It also contains Lysol, which kills bacteria in your bathroom. Try it!

Like bath bombs for your toilet, these DIY toilet cleaning fettles are chemical-free and safe to use. A big plus is that these toilet cleaning capsules follow the same recipe as the homemade shower steamer washers, with one small exception. So you can make a stack and split it in half if you want to make both! Just stick one in your toilet bowl, let it bubble until it's gone, then wipe it down with a toilet brush - no scrubbing required!

This toilet cleaner has a very familiar cast of characters if you are experienced in making your own cleaning products! First, there is my old friend white vinegar, which helps kill bacteria and remove odors. Then there is borax, which will help lighten your toilet bowl and dissolve any bad rings that may have built up. The final cleaning special in the blend is lemon essential oil. Lemon oil contains citric acid, which is great for breaking up mineral deposits and hard water. Plus, it smells so fresh and clean!

I don't think anyone enjoys cleaning their toilet, but hopefully this DIY toilet cleaning powder will make you feel a little better cleaning your toilet! No harsh chemicals, just two simple ingredients and you'll be ready to get your toilet sparkling clean in no time! The main ingredients are baking soda and essential oils, which means you need to cleanse naturally.

Everyone loves a clean home, but our obsession with sanitation can affect our health. Some people, especially those with allergies, develop sensitivity to the harsh chemicals in store-bought cleaning products. To escape the toxic ingredients and irritating smells, some homeowners have started turning to homemade cleaning products - right down to their toilet cleaners! While making your own toilet cleaner doesn't put a surprisingly large amount of money in your pocket with every batch, it offers a safe and natural solution to stains.

Make it easy to scrub your bathroom with the help of a homemade toilet cleaner that really works. And this dresser cleaner leaves your guest toilet nice and fresh and costs next to nothing. Vinegar and baking soda mix together for a serious bubbly effect that does all the dirty work for you. With no eco-friendly chemicals, this eco-friendly, natural toilet cleaner will keep your bathroom sparkling.

Here is an easy DIY recipe for homemade toilet bowl cleaning tablets using safe, natural ingredients. While the basic ingredients are the same, you can customize these toilet bowls with your choice of colors and scents. Use essential oils to add aromatherapy to your cleansing routine, go to the recipe and do something!

These homemade toilet cleaning bombs can be made with 3 household ingredients and will keep your toilet squeaky clean! They are super easy to make and contain only 3 ingredients that can be found in every household. These homemade toilet cleaning bombs make toilet cleaning easy and hands-free!

Go for a super easy recipe to make your own non-toxic and natural toilet cleaner that really works. The bonus is that you don't have to call poison control when your cute little toddler decides it could be a delicious drink!

These homemade tablets are all natural: baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and essential oils. It's a DIY toilet cleaner that combats odors and keeps even the dirtiest (cough) toilet bowls squeaky clean. This method allows the toilet cleaner to sit for days without opening it, and you still get the disinfecting properties of hydrogen peroxide.

Do you need a quick solution to cleaning the toilet? Or just a quick refreshment? Drop one or two of these and let it sizzle. Exfoliate or just let it sizzle, then rinse. All natural ingredients kill all bacteria without causing allergies or other health problems, which is important.

What would you say about a simple homemade toilet cleaner that is a natural and effective way to clean toilets? This DIY toilet cleaner only costs pennies to make and you can feel comfortable with the products that you use in your home. Read the recipe and do something!

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