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diy spring pompom crafts

diy spring pompom crafts

Why do we like pompoms? Since they are soft, cute, and fluffy, and easy to make, you can make them in a variety of colors and shades. Today I put together some cool pompom crafts that you can do for spring that will make your spaces softer, more colorful, and more inviting. I think everything is improved by adding colorful little balls of fluff. Let’s start!

These adorable DIY pompom placemats add a fun and charming touch to the table and are incredibly easy to make! You can add a lining if you want, which will make your pompom placemats a little more stable. Enjoy and stay charming!

These baskets are a great addition to your home for storing toilet paper in the bathroom or blankets in the living room. You can even fill a few bobble baskets with flowers for your wedding ceremony or use them as decor for your reception.

Think happy! These colorful DIY flowers are made with pompoms, soft leather, wooden sticks, and glue. They will improve your mood and make you happier, and they are pretty easy to implement. Take a look below!

Spring pillow? Yes, please! Here is a palette of orange, red, blue, and pink pompoms that are used to make a pretty bouquet. The pillow itself is a strong blue, but you can opt for a different shade. Make your sweet spring floral pillow and bring flowers in!

Pom-poms are too perfect not to love, and they add a pop of color and texture to simple items. In this case, a pile of leftover white fabric placemats was upgraded to pompom napkins with pastel pompom trimmings!

These flaky pompom dandelions just scream spring! Create a whole bouquet of such flowers and make a spring artificial flower arrangement that won’t wither, so great!

Spring is here and it is high time to celebrate it with a beautiful wreath! This mint colored one is adorned with large multicolored pom poms and you can do it in just a few minutes. The colors are up to you, choose your spring inspiration!

This DIY is great for parties! If you want to add a little more fun and color to the table then this is the perfect DIY for you. You can make these pompom napkin rings any color, and there are many different variations that you can create.

Pompons can be used to decorate your vases or mason jars. Take colorful fabric and add pompoms and pom poms of your choice to these covers for a cool, vibrant look. Add your favorite flowers and enjoy!

Easter baskets are always a must for a great Easter. You wake up and crawl down the stairs and there is this wonderful pastel colored basket full of chocolates and goodies. Decorate your Easter baskets with colorful pompoms and have fun!

The great thing about these paper bunny treats is that they quickly cost almost nothing and are a delightful Easter gift. Fill them with candy and decorate them with fluffy pompoms for a cute look.

Ever want to add more interesting pillows to your space but need more than your budget allows? Feel like sewing your own but are sad about the range of fabrics available at local chain stores? Enter the mini pom pom. The end result is three unique pillows that are sure to cover the distance in more than one room in the home.

Farmhouse decor is very popular now for home decor, it's very cozy and it's a more elegant idea to rock instead of pure rustic. Decorating your rooms this way can be a great way to rock the farmhouse decor for Christmas too. This style features buffalo check and plaid, lots of wood, natural decor, and mostly neutral or monochromatic color schemes, although you may see some bright accents. How can you stylishly incorporate all of these elements into your holiday decoration? Just take a look.

Colors and prints

Opt for neutral colors that are characteristic of farmhouses and are very popular for decoration overall. Skirt monochrome - gray and white or black and white and add bright plaid accents if you feel like it. Bring prints - stripes and buffalo check are characteristic of the peasant style. Embellish the room with textures to avoid an appearance - use natural wood and plywood, faux fur, knits and crochet and other things for this.

Christmas trees and evergreens

A Christmas tree or some mini-trees are a must for every vacation space. To create a proper farmhouse feel, prefer a snowy or flocked Christmas tree, decorate it with lights, and you can skip the ornaments or use different baubles in neutral and metallic, or some rustic ornaments such as buffalo plaid ornaments. Add snowy or flocked evergreen wreaths and garlands to keep your space really charming.

Different decor

Generate coziness and add cute natural accents here and there - put up baskets and buckets of firewood, add printed blankets and pillows to make the rooms cozy, use lights, candles in candle lanterns and candlesticks and marquee lights for a decent retro feel. Add fresh green garlands and hang ornaments not only on the tree but elsewhere as well. Enjoy!

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