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diy spring birthday cards

diy spring birthday cards

diy spring birthday cards

There are plenty of cards for sale everywhere, but a handmade one is always on top - it's a nice sign that someone is watching you! If you're having someone with a spring birthday, why not make a cute card to say hello to the person? Let's look at some ideas.

For adults

Watercolor is a very popular trend for decor and not only, and it's a good idea to rock such a trend for a spring car. Make this colorful and cute watercolor card, decorate it with colored paper and add a bold envelope with printed lining. Read the tutorial to find out how to do all of this.

We have missed butterflies all winter and it is high time to enjoy them. Make a beautiful teal butterfly card to greet someone you love. The card is a 3D card with multiple details to make it cooler. Watch a video tutorial for all the information.

This lovely card is made with rose gold and some pink bubbles and looks cute and sweet. The heart is embroidered, but if you don't need it you can skip this step. Find out how to make this chic piece and say hello to someone you love!

This balloon card makes me drop my jaw as it's awesome! I wish I could get one too. And it's completely handmade - take the supplies you need and create this card masterpiece. It looks very spring-like, a white balloon with light green and blue decor.

Such a card and envelope set is not only ideal for spring, but also for every season and every occasion and especially for those with a sweet tooth. The cards and envelopes are brightly colored and sprinkled with lollipops, ice cream and other sweets. Check out the tutorial to find out how to do it.

This is a very stylish card set for a birthday, not just one! The set is modern and very laconic, there is no other decor except pink color and texture. Find out how to make these cuties easy, how to print letters, and more in the source.

Flowers are always up to date for spring and for birthdays too, so building a flower car for a spring birthday is a great idea. The card is striped with flowers and is different from the previous card - it has a vintage feel to it. Let yourself be inspired and tinker!

This is a very dreamy card, it is a beautiful flower elephant. The flower elephant is holding a large flower and the card can be styled for both a birthday and a bridal shower - for an expectant mother. The tutorial includes a video that will teach you how to make this lovely spring colored card.

Get another cool card for those with a sweet tooth - the card contains multiple cupcakes that are not drawn but attached. I love the color combination of gray, creamy and pink and the glamorous feel of the card, do you?

This beautiful watercolor pen card looks very dreamy and springtime, and I bet you will love it! Watercolor is one of the hottest trends for rocking, and making a card like this isn't difficult, so go for it! There are a few more tutorials for other watercolor maps in the same source.

This is a chic piece for those who love pink color. The card features a pink colored doily, glitter letters and a paper butterfly - it's very cute! What can be more springtime than a butterfly? In addition, a doily brings a sweet vintage feel.

For children

Such a fun card is great for spring and great for kids. The card is gray and turquoise and features a funny chick with a balloon, reminding of Easter, the main spring holiday. The card is made of patterned paper and hand-drawn details that are not difficult to make, even beginners can do it.

Here's another kid-friendly card, this time with a fox and a speech bubble. The map is turquoise and the details are not drawn. They are cut out of other paper to add interest to the card and make it more eye-catching. Vary the colors and even the animals if you want, enjoy!

This is a cute watercolor card featuring a little elephant with a balloon and some flowers, made with emergency markers. The card looks very cute and elegant, it's a great craft for those who love to draw and paint, and I love the soft, spring-like colors.

It's one of the most delicate cards I've ever seen! The piece is a watercolor and shows some animals and flowers. It looks incredibly cute and will be an idea for a spring occasion because of its colors, although you can do it for summer too. There is a video tutorial that explains in detail how this card is made.

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