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diy snowmen christmas ornaments

diy snowmen christmas ornaments

Snowmen are a symbol of Christmas, even if you don’t have snow in their place, they are still very traditional. Include them in your Christmas decorations to make them very Christmassy! We’ve already shared some snowman decorating ideas and today I’m going to be more specific and show you some ornaments. Invite your kids to do them with you as most of them are very easy and kid friendly.

This marshmallow snowman ornament is so much fun! The only problem we had when they were being made is my toddler kept trying to reach him from the tree to get the marshmallows in, ha! I had to give him a few extra as a little reward on the side. The best thing is if you want to make more than one, you can make different colors for the earmuffs. You can also apply various decorations such as a large pompom to the ear part of the sleeves.

This is a fun and easy DIY snowman Christmas ornament to make using clay from the craft store. This is an ornament that kids will love to make. This project would make a great gift especially for the grandparents, so fun and so moody!

Get some wood discs and make these amazing ornaments! Just cut a few slices and paint snowman faces on them or let your kids do the work. If you have an extra firewood and miter saw, you can produce a full set of these in less than half an hour!

These snowmen are super cute and easy and are mostly made with supplies that home improvement DIYers already had in the house. The main supply consists of wooden blocks. They are a basis for painting snowman faces. Invite your kids to get the job done by painting! The craft itself is pretty simple and will make a nice gift idea for teachers for Christmas.

Vintage ornaments are beautiful and charming and help create the fairytale Christmas atmosphere. This snowman ornament is right: it consists of a styrofoam ball and a few colors. I love the long-dimensional nose that makes up all of the ornament and gives it a vintage look. Get inspiration to create some of these amazing snowmen to add sophistication to your tree.

If you are looking for some easy Christmas crafts for kids, you will love this Christmas Popsicle Craft. Kids will love choosing which ornament they can make. From snowman to Santa Claus – this will be a great success for Christmas! And the best part is that you can hang them on the Christmas tree when you’re done. Or you can give them away as a Christmas present or place them on gifts as decorations. Grab some popsicles and you can make so many different Christmas crafts with them! Don’t let the ideas stop here – you can make a reindeer, Santa hat, and elf too!

More snowmen for Christmas! Not only can your kids make them, you can also make cool DIY decorations yourself. These cute ornaments look very natural and bold, they are really beautiful and modern, and these scarves and hats make them even more cozy. Let yourself be inspired and make something!

I don’t get anything more fun than doing a DIY project and sipping a glass of wine, and this DIY wine cork snowman ornament combines both! All you need to make this super cute DIY wine cork snowman is a few wine corks and most of the other things you probably already have at home. Make with the kids or gather your girlfriends and have a girls’ night making ornaments!

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