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diy sleek raised pet feeder

diy sleek raised pet feeder

This cool raised pet feeder makes eating more comfortable for your pet and more stylish in your interior. The supplies are a piece of wood big enough for your bowls, a hole saw with an attachment size that matches your bowl diameter, 2 bowls with lips on top, legs of your choice, stains and finish, liquid nails, various sandpaper. Prepare your main piece of wood. You’ll need a piece big enough to hold the diameter of your bowls. Once it’s cut to size you can measure and mark where to drill your bowl holes. Make sure you measure how much space you need between the edge of the trays and the ends of the feeder, and how much space you want between them. Continue reading the tutorial here.

Wooden bathtubs, sinks, vanities and even walls and floors in bathrooms are all the rage. A wooden bathtub is a unique option that will compliment your bathroom decor, making it more relaxing and natural. Here are some ideas we've prepared to inspire you.

Rectangular wooden bathtubs

A rectangular wooden bathtub is a cool idea for a contemporary and minimalist space. It can also be square in shape if you like to soak. Choose any wood color, sculptural shape, legs, or no legs to make your bathroom more relaxed. While rectangular shapes are more minimalist and laconic, they are amazing for highlighting contemporary decor.

Rounded wooden bathtubs

Rounded and oval wooden bathtubs are more traditional, and you can find many options, from traditional Japanese ofuro bathtubs to minimalist rounded ones. Opt for different colors and designs to match the interior of the bathroom and choose rustic or industrial touches. Get inspired!

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